The World of Women’s Footwear


Just like a women’s wardrobe her shoe selection is another story of its own. There are just so many times and styles that if we are honest, we may not even be aware of many of them. Throughout a lady’s life she will go through 100 pairs of shoes and while some will last a lifetime not everyone makes the cut.

We all have our go to flats and heels or our favourite pair of boots that makes not only our outfit but even our day go from a 4 to a 10. We buy and use so many pairs of shoes depending on the need and in most cases a shoe is purchased to match an outfit or an occasion. But with so many types of shoes it is easy to get lost in understanding them. Therefore, here is a peak into the world of women’s footwear.

The daily wear and tears

Walking your dog, running to get groceries or just a lazy stroll there is that one pair of shoes that fits all of these needs. It could be the worn-out pair of sandals that fits the shapes of your toes so perfectly, or the strap that is about to snap but you are hoping it does not. For some this could be a pair of trusted flip flops, comfy sneakers or even crocs. Having a daily pair of shoes to do life in is a great idea and if we really think about it, we all have our go to favourite.

The work shoes

Work shoes can be tricky and depend on each women’s job, style and level of comfort. There are the ladies who will never be seen in anything other than her 4 inch stilettoes walking in perfect poise but that may not always be the case. If heels are a must in the work place, then many women prefer something low but also high enough to show they have put in effort.

If you are on your feet constantly wedges, flats and low heels are more comfortable options to be in. The Diana Ferrari wide fitting boots are another option that is great for winter. In these you are not only keeping your feet warm but the wide leg helps provide comfort and space for the feet to breathe. Options such as this are ideal for ladies who need to move around quickly and comfortably.

Special occasion shoes

Ironically many can say that the shoes we wear for a day out are usually not the ones we wear for a night out. Day vacations and day outs usually consists of a relaxed pair of sandals or wedges and when night comes here, we find the ankle boots and platforms heels. While this may be quite stereotypical there is usually a trend that is followed and either way our shoe collection needs to fit the criteria. The leisure shoe category of a women’ shoe collection is the most exciting to browse through.