Lawn Bowl Types and Sizes


A lawn bowl is needed for the game of lawn bowling. This is a game with simple rules and there are different types and sizes of bowls available. So if you are new to the game and need some help with the correct lawn bowling gear, this article will give you some pointers on what to do. 

You can find lawn bowls of varying sizes and weights so you don’t have to worry about them not meeting your requirements. It is generally best to choose the heaviest bowl that you can grip. But you should be able to comfortably grip it without having to strain. The reason that heavier bowls are preferred is that they have higher momentum so they will roll a longer distance. You may see about 9 different sizes for bowls. If you are a beginner to this game, you can start experimenting with different sizes and weights to see which is more suited for you in the long run. Maybe you can start with something a little lighter and go up in weight as you become more comfortable with the game. You may have heard the term bowl bias which alludes to the shape of the bowl that is not a perfect round. Because of this, it moves in a curved path when rolled. The bowl bias will decide how far the player has to roll their lawn bowl to reach the target with the perfect curved path. The bowls are made of hard plastic.

The bowl bias is different for each player and it is determined by how you play and the location you play. The speed of the bowling green will have a big impact on this. If you are using a faster playing surface, you can benefit from a wider trajectory for the bowl. You should consider whether you are playing outdoors or indoors. You can try both environments to see what you are comfortable with. You can find many lawn bowl supplies online that will offer different bowl varieties. There are so many colours and patterns that you can find as well which can catch your eye. Check the density of the bowl when you are purchasing it and how it reacts to different conditions especially wind. When it comes to sizes, women usually tend to purchase 00 to 3. Men tend to buy bowls that are between 3 and 6. There are medium and heavy weight ranges that you can browse. Women typically go for bowls that are about 2 pounds and 4 ounces while men usually choose 2 pounds and 8 ounces.

The size of your hands and your preferences will decide which is best for you. If you have a smaller frame, then a lighter bowl is generally preferred and vice versa. The bias of different bowls varies as well. You can choose a middling bias bowl for outdoor and indoor games. Some use them for short-mat bowls as well. If you are playing in a tight rink, you can go for a bowl with a reduced bias. When playing outdoors, you can look for something with extra bias.