Key Care Tips for Your Leather Bags

Key Care Tips for Your Leather Bags


Treating leather goods with respect is important since they are the result of experienced artisans carrying out centuries-old traditions. No, you don’t have to take good care of your leather, but you might want to review how to properly care for leather bags. Your top three considerations should be how to clean, maintain, and keep your leather bag. Here are some pointers we picked up along the way:


  • Soft, spot-free cloth
  • Leather conditioner
  •  Conditioner for leather
  • Bubble wrapping or parchment paper
  •  A dustbag (or pillowcase)

Care For Your Leather Bag

Make sure you use clean hands to clean your leather purse. Oil and grease can easily absorb into leather bags.Every other day, give your leather messenger bag, backpack, or briefcase a quick wipe-down with a dry, soft, or barely damp towel. (Avoid using excessive amounts of water; leather requires time to dry.)

Perform a more in-depth cleaning to get rid of dirt accumulation once or twice a year. Use a cleaner usedcompletely for leather to clean your leather bag. Apply in a clockwise direction, then remove with a towel that is only slightly damp to prevent clogging the leather’s pores.

The Best Way to Care for A Leather Bag

For your leather purse, leather treatment behaves like lotion. The leather will eventually dry out without it.Put leather conditioner on a clean cloth and carefully rub the whole bag to avoid flaking and creasing.Use conditioner at least 2 times a year, up to around once a month, depending on how dry or humid your environment is, to maintain your leather bag supple and soft.

How To Store Your Leather Bag

To maintain and restore the shape of your leather purse, stuff it with parchment paper or bubble wrap rather than newspaper (which will smudge).Your overstuffed leather bag should be stored in its original container with silica gel packets to ward off moisture after being placed in its dust bag.To stop mould from growing, even the best messenger bags need to be aired once every two weeks.


Be careful to prevent water from penetrating the leather. If your jacket or handbag gets extremely wet, remove any further moisture as quickly as you can. Avoid using a hairdryer to dry the leather; instead, let it air dry before using a leather conditioner.Avoid cleaning chemicals with alcohol in them since they may dry up and possibly stain your leather bag or purse.

Whether you’re operating with a leather purse, leather handbag, or leather jacket, our advice for caring for leather bags still holds true. You’re good to go as long as your conditioner and cleaning are made for real leather.

Although you don’t have to take care of your leather bag, you should be aware that prolonged exposure to the outdoors may dramatically age the leather. Adapt your cleanup and leather care practices accordingly. Over time, leather naturally ages.

Your leather products’ life will be extended and protected from stains with routine maintenance and cleaning. As a rule of thumb, hydrate your bag and steer clear of overly harsh chemical cleaning methods because they can hasten the fading process.