Top Myths about Moving Companies

Because of the literally hundreds of moves that our professional movers have completed over the course of our company’s history, we have witnessed and heard a great deal in that time.

In addition, several statements are repeated frequently, even though they are not accurate. We are here to dispel a few of the most widespread misunderstandings and urban legends that people have regarding the process of hiring movers. Here is a rundown of some of the most widespread ones.

Myth Number One

It is more cost-effective to relocate by yourself. A significant number of individuals think that taking charge of their own relocation is an excellent strategy to cut costs. We get it. Moving is an expensive endeavour, and it might be tempting to look for ways to save money along the way. However, moving your belongings yourself will still cost money, and it may end up costing you the same amount as hiring pros. It’s possible that, if you factor in the cost of the truck rental, petrol, packing supplies, and your own time and physical exertion, you’ll come to regret making this choice. Contact Perth moving companies if you want some assistance with moving.

Myth Number Two

Every moving company is the same. The value that you receive for your investment might vary greatly from one firm to the next. The degree of experience the movers have, the services they provide, their dependability and reputation, as well as their prices, are just a few of the ways that moving firms might vary from one another. For instance, you don’t want to employ movers for a transfer across the nation if all they’ve ever done is local moves since they won’t know what to do with your belongings. Carry out some research.

Myth Number Three

Every single moving company is a con. You’ve definitely heard terrible stories about shady movers who are doing things like significantly raising their prices after they’ve loaded everything into the truck, at which point they demand payment in cash. To put it simply, they are holding your belongings hostage for a ransom.

Unfortunately, there are many more stories like this one. However, these instances are not typical. As is the case with any occupation, there are those sour apples in the bunch that bring the rest of us down to their level.

Knowing whom you’re employing is the most effective strategy to shield yourself from the kind of predicament that you’re now in. Check out what other customers have said about them on Facebook, Yelp, and other service directory websites.

Myth Number Four

Any old box may be used for shipping. Moving requires you to have solid boxes, so don’t just grab whatever you can find. The last thing either of us wants is for a container to get broken open while still being carried or squashed on the moving van because it isn’t strong enough to support the weight of the items inside. Certain moving firms will provide you with containers and packaging supplies for your move; however, you can get strong moving boxes in several other places as well.