What to Know About Lug Bolts and Lug Nuts?

What to Know About Lug Bolts and Lug Nuts?

The existing lug nuts and bolts on the vehicle can undergo damage or corrosion that will require you to replace them. There are many online stores where you can browse for these items as long as you know the exact specifications of the wheel bolts.

There are so many differences when it comes to wheel types and vehicles so this has contributed to a large variety of lug bolts and nuts being available on the market. These are also called wheel nuts and wheel bolts. You need to make sure that the lug nuts and lug bolts you purchase are an exact fit for your vehicle’s requirements. The top of the lug nut is hexagonal and the size of this is called the hex size.

By knowing which hex size you are working with, you can choose the size of spanner or socket used to install or remove them. You have to carry the right repair tools inside the vehicle at all times to ensure that you can attend to a flat tyre. The threads of the nuts and bolts can also differ and this is due to the manufacturing process and equipment used. You need to choose the accurate thread for your wheel as choosing the wrong one can damage the lug knot or lug bolts. It can also damage the vehicle hub.

Check the thread length of the lug bolt before you have them replaced. You can measure the length of the existing lug bolt to get an accurate value. You will not need to stick to this value if you are planning to install wheel spacers. In this instance, you will need to go for slightly longer lug bolts to account for the spacer thickness. The new length will be the addition of thickness of the spacer and the existing length of the lug bolt. Usually, when you purchase a wheel spacer set, this will come with longer bolts.

But you can always request the supplier to provide replacements required. You have to check the seating types for lug nuts and lug bolts to ensure the perfect fit. You can contact your mechanic to ask for the correct seating type or see what you already have on the wheels. The terms for seating types can be different when it comes to different brands so you will need to double check before a purchase.

The most common lug nut or lug bolt you will find is the cone seat. This is also called a 60 degree or a taper seat. When you hold this lug bolt to the light, you will see that it is shaped like an ice-cream cone.  You will see radius seat or round seat in factory fitted wheels or aftermarket wheels. These will work well with the original bolts and nuts that your vehicle came with. These are also called a ball seat. The flat seat is easy to recognise and they are another common lug bolt you will come across.