Health Implications of Drinking Impure Water

Health Implications of Drinking Impure Water


Drinking water is the best solution to a number of health issues. However, you may have heard of people who had to face a serious illness, simply from the very act of drinking water too. Therefore, it is very critical that you have a very good understanding of the safety of the water you drink before you drink it.

Why chlorine is bad for your health

Consuming chlorine contaminated water is one reason for these illnesses. According to Australian Drinking water guidelines, chlorine is used to treat drinking water almost throughout the country. While a chlorine level between 0.5mp to 1.5mg per litre is accepted, yet the long-term consumption of chlorinated water could link you to various health issues.

According to health statistics, the risk of cancer is said to be very high among people who consume chlorinated water, rather than those who drink natural water. These health issues depend on your intake of chlorinated water.

Chlorine water may arise complications for pregnant women. Doctors have established the presence of high chlorine levels in human tissue also as the reason for reduced sperm counts.

Various studies have confirmed that the feeling of tiredness, headaches or dizziness a common health issue among those who consume chlorinated water daily.

Options for natural spring water 

Of course, every person may not have access to natural water springs, but today many companies have presented themselves to make natural water available to all households, at least for drinking purposes. You may be even lucky to find a company that suppliers natural spring water for office use. However, drinking natural water exposed to other forms of contamination, especially through human activity, could be dangerous even as highly chlorinated water. Therefore, verify the fact if the bottled water you drink is from a reputable company.

Filtering water before you drink is also a good option for your health. Drinking pure water means filtered water will support the immune system while improving the functioning of your mental health. Skin hydration, weight loss, nutrient absorption, detoxification and digestion can be best achieved through pure water.

Water temperature at consumption

Water could be at basically three temperatures, room temperature, hot temperature or cold temperature. Improper intake of water at inappropriate times could be very unhealthy though it is not as serious as the intake of highly chlorinated water.

Just to name a few of such unhealthy scenarios, drinking hot water after a workout or some sport activity could be disastrous. If you are someone organizing sports events, you must have a supply of cold water among the other pain killers and antileptics.

The best action possible would be to get a water cooler hire for at least for those few hours. Another scenario would be drinking cold water before a singing contest. How refreshing cold water is, having at a time as such could totally ruin your voice. Therefore, it’s best to drink hot water at such times. There are many such instances where you may need to consider the temperature of the water before you drink.

Water has many benefits, been aware of these facts will help you maximize its benefits while also minimizing any possible chance of risks.

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