Unusual uses for household objects


There are many household objects, appliances and utensils which are mostly stuffed into cupboards and drawers. Most of these things usually go unused except for the rare moment in which you require it. Well, there are alternative uses for most of these things which you are unaware of.

For instance, have you realized that Band-Aid is just small squares of sterile gauze stuck on to tape and then lined with crinoline? Necessity usually is the mother of inventions, and so it was with the Band-Aid. Earl Dickson deserves credit for it. Below are a few unusual uses for pressure sensitive tapes.

Removing splinters

Struggling to extract a splinter stuck too deep or too small by using a pair of tweezers?  Forget about that needle. Paste pressure sensitive also known as adhesive tapes over the splinter instead and keep it on for three days. Take off the tape on the third day and the splinter will dislodge along with the tape.

Keeping ants away

Ants are usually searching for any food kept outside. Covering your cookie jar/candy box with double-sided tape is one of the easiest ways to avoid ants. Only ensure that it is sticky-side-up on one side.

Lint remover

Why buy a lint roller? By covering your hand with tape – sticky-side out – you can remove lint and pet hair off clothes and furniture. It works just as well.

Adjusting cap size

If your hat is too big, simply apply tape on the sweatband until it comfortably fits. Sweat absorption also will increase as a result.

Cleaning your comb

By putting a strip of tape down the side of the comb, and then pulling it off, get rid of the hair and residue that has accumulated in between the comb’s teeth. Soak the comb in a mixture of alcohol and water, or ammonia and water, and then let it to dry. And you’re left with a clean comb.

Cover casters

By covering the caster wheels with tape or by sticking bits of tape at the bottom of each leg of your furniture (if there aren’t caster wheels on the furniture), prevent the furniture from leaving scratches on the floor.

To hang glue bottles

On every tube, cut a piece of tape few inches long and fold it over the end of so that you have a flap. Poke a hole in the flap with a paper-punch and put the tubes up on screws or hooks over the bench.

To clear broken window glass

Apply tape on all sides of a broken glass window before replacing the sash to prevent being sliced. When you take the glass fragments out of the framework, remember to wear heavy rubber gloves.

For improving your tool handle grip

Apply multiple layers of tape by covering each round by half a tape width. You can use this on any appliance or object such as screwdriver handles, hammer handles and even blades to use in tight corners.

These are just some of the many things you can achieve with adhesive tape.

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