Dealing with a Gambling Addiction? 7 Tips to Help

Dealing with a Gambling Addiction? 7 Tips to Help


The euphoria of winning money can easily set off an addiction. Unfortunately, the odds of you making cash are stacked against you. Wanting to quit is very smart, and we ran through 7 things that will help.

Wanting to Stop

No matter the type of addiction you are dealing with, there is no way you can help yourself unless you decide enough is enough. You need to realize how much the gambling is ruining your life – you’ve wasted all of your money, and your family probably doesn’t talk to you.

Once you’ve made the decision to get help, feel hopeful as there are many counsellors and clinics around. If you look at gambling counselling Melbourne alone has an exception amount. There are support groups online and in person that you can also use, helping you stay on track.

Be Vocal about It

Tell the people around you that you have a problem. They’ll likely think of the ways they are enabling you to gamble, completely stopping it. They will do their best to hold you accountable for all of your actions as well. More importantly, when it gets hard, they will be your rock.

Watch Your Surroundings

You need to watch the situations you are putting yourself in. Being mindful of where you go, you’d not expose yourself to triggers that would make you want to gamble. The longer you stay off what you are addicted to, the more in control you’ll feel.

Limit Your Money

How can you gamble if you don’t have any money? You need someone to monitor your cash and spending. They’d also know if you are up to anything as they are aware of how much money you have.

Unfortunately, money isn’t the only thing you can gamble with. You can use vehicles and even the deeds to your home. The person you’ve put in charge should monitor any type of asset you have.

Delay the Urge

When it comes to gambling, you need to know that the urge won’t last long. It’ll be around for an hour at most, so you need to distract yourself until this time passes. If your loved ones are aware of your problem, they can help with this. They can keep you occupied for that hour.

Support Groups Help

It will get easier over time. But you can make things easier by being around people who have been through what you have. As mentioned, there are support groups for gamblers, and they get together to talk about how much their lives have gotten better after quitting.

This helps you stay on track. You can vent out your frustrations, and prevent yourself from relapsing. Just make sure that the group you’re joining knows what they’re doing – the internet is your friend.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to gambling, it’s one of the most dangerous addictions around. You can easily ruin you and your family. Thankfully, there are several resources and counsellors ready to help. It gets easier over time, but at first, it can be hard.

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