What to Look for in a Wedding Venue Floor Plan

What to Look for in a Wedding Venue Floor Plan


Planning a wedding can take some time and you need to start early to make sure you have all the details down pat. One of the significant decisions you will have to make when planning a wedding is choosing the venue. And one of the determining factors in selecting a venue is its floor plan and the level of customisation possible.


The capacity of the venue because you need to make sure that the venue is able to accommodate your guest list. You can look for a way to maximise the space available. However, there has to be space left for the guests to move around comfortably. You can ask for the layout of the venue beforehand so that you can shortlist the places that seem likely to have a good setting. For example, you can check out the layout of the Sydney restaurant wedding venue on their official website. And this gives you an idea of how to zone the guests and where to have key moments like the ceremony, dance floor, dinner etc. If you plan to have the reception and ceremony at the same place, you need to look for a way this can be accommodated. For example, you can have a designated area for the ceremony. However, you can also rearrange tables and chairs so that the ceremony area seamlessly transforms into the reception. It all depends on your requirements.

If the ceremony is taking place with a stunning view as the backdrop,

You can actually have this location for photographs later on. If you have a natural view, you can use it to the maximum. And the table settings for the wedding retinue can overlook the view. You will need to work closely with venue management if you are planning to transition the ceremony area into the reception. The seating arrangements for the guests should also be considered. You can have round tables or banquet style tables. There are also weddings where both styles of seating are used. Generally, the banquet style tables will be dedicated to the wedding retinue while the guests will be occupying the round tables.

There are certain locations that you will need to plan beforehand.

For example, you have to think about where the head table will be located. This will be where the wedding retinue is seated. You can have it facing the guests. Make sure to place this in a location where you have good visibility of the rest of the room. The dance floor location is another consideration. You need to choose a central location that is easily accessible. The dance floor should also be spacious so that it is able to accommodate your guests. You can check with the venue whether they are able to provide a stage for the band or DJ setup. Other important locations are serving stations buffet tables and the bar. These areas should be located in such a way that it minimises congestion.