Types of Wedding Backdrops


A wedding is a day that celebrates love and there are so many things you can do to create a magical moment. Generally, this is achieved by the venue and the décor elements used. In this article, we are focusing on the different types of backdrops you can choose.

Floral backdrops are very popular for weddings

And you can actually use different textures or materials for the flowers instead of going fresh. You can use paper or silk flowers to add something unique to the wedding. But think about the cost of these different decisions as well. In the end, you need to have a sufficient budget for the priority elements of the wedding. You can create romantic backdrops using flowers like peonies and roses. And if you are looking for a minimal wedding theme, you can look for minimalist wedding arbours draped with baby’s breath and greenery. You can use a full flower wall or a subtle hint of flowers depending on the theme. Look for ways to bring nature into the backdrop. However, when you have a picturesque scene for the venue with a natural landscape, you don’t need to do much. You can have minimal décor and let the landscape shine.

You can also use draped fabric backdrops.

The appearance of the backdrop will differ according to the layers of fabric used and the texture. For example, you can achieve a dreamy backdrop using simple sheer drapery. You can also add more layers of fabric to create an elaborate design. You don’t always need to use white for the drapery. Incorporate colour as you like along with different textures so that it flows seamlessly with the wedding theme. You may have seen many inspirational images that have rustic wooden backdrops. These are generally best for an outdoor wedding in a natural landscape. This will create a cosy and rustic theme for the wedding. You can use pallets, reclaimed wood or wooden slats for the backdrop and it can be highlighted with draping greenery or fairy lights.

Many couples choose foliagebackdrops that are created with real plants.

Some examples of plants used in this regard are ivy, ferns and eucalyptus. You can also use faux greenery. This creates a fresh backdrop for the ceremony and it goes well with garden weddings. A vintage backdrop can be created with vintage furniture, doors and windows. And you can add ages photographs, lace and books to enhance the vintage mood. The additions can be elements that are meaningful to you and your partner. For example, you can include favourite books and the photographs can show the journey of your love. You can also use a photo backdrop which can create a focal point for the wedding and this will be a place where the wedding guests will come to enjoy. This can have photos of your journey as a couple along with engagement photos and milestones in your lives. You can create an interactive backdrop in this way adding photos of the guests to it as well.