What to Expect from a Building Inspection?

What to Expect from a Building Inspection?


Buying a house whether it is newly built or pre-existing is a huge investment. Houses are not cheap and you need to spend a lot in order to own one no matter what type it is. If you’re planning to invest that big, you need to be sure that your money will go to something that’s worth it and not to waste. This is when you’ll need a building inspection to get the real picture of the home you’re planning to purchase.

Building inspectors will conduct a thorough check of the property – identifying problems, existing damages, current condition, and all the other pros and cons whether it is good to purchase that property or not. After getting the report, you’ll get a clear view whether it is good to invest on that property or not. Read more to know what should be expected from a building inspection.

Reasons Why You Need a Building Inspection

You can get a lot of information from a building inspection report, making it a great decision to hire a building inspector to do a check on the property you plan to purchase. It helps you know the existing problems or defects in a property so you won’t be surprised later on when you bought it. With this advance knowledge, you can set aside a budget for repairs in case you plan to push through with the purchase.

Aside from that, you can also negotiate for a lower price if there are too many issues or problems in the property, giving you more advantage with the deal. Building inspectors can also help you make wise decisions especially on how some of these problems can affect the property as time goes by. Basically, building inspections gives the buyer an advantage in choosing the right property to invest in. If you need good building pest inspections Brisbane has a few good ones to choose from.

How is it done?

Building inspectors has a process when inspecting a property. Their main goal is to check all the areas of the house and note their current conditions.

  • Checking the Exterior – First, they take a look at the property’s exterior – from gates, fences, garage, garden shed, and all the other external structures at the property. They also inspect the outer parts such as the roof, outer walls, and even check for signs of pest infestation. Other external features are also checked such as power cables and look for possible fire hazards.
  • Checking the Interior – There are more features to be checked inside the property such as cracks, signs of pest infestation and asbestos. Aside from that, they also check the home’s plumbing and electrical system. They also look for even the minor issues such as presence of mould, rusting and leaks.

An inspector will then create an overall report based on his inspection with photos for more details and also as evidence. With all these advantages you could get, getting a building inspection before deciding on a purchase is definitely worth it.

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