How to Design Your Ecommerce Site: Must-Have Features

How to Design Your Ecommerce Site: Must-Have Features

Every website and platform are different from each other and they are unique in their own. However, many featured websites have some common features like animations, 3D product samples and dynamic product searches.

However just following trend doesn’t mean that your platform will guarantee conversion rates. More than trends these features are required to stay competitive and relevant nowadays.

User Friendly

Keep it simple stupid is not an only adage but a principle that should be closely followed when it comes to user experience. The goal of a good user-friendly design is simplicity however it doesn’t mean that your platform doesn’t have to be elegant.

The goal should be to assist shoppers to quickly get what they have in mind without running into unwanted complications.

You can focus on user friendliness by improving the search functionality, visual navigation, pre-populated forms etc.

User friendliness is very important to stay relevant and trendy because in Australia ecommerce platform have top-notch user experience.

Mobile Friendly

Mobile shopping accounts to around 50 percent of the ecommerce transactions. So, having a responsive website will only do you good.

Most users sometimes want to look for things off the top of their head and the quickest way to do this is through your mobile.

High Resolution Images and Videos

If your site has a just one product photo with a couple of bullet points, you can say goodbye to your dreams of being featured. Online shoppers want to see the product from different angles and see the product in use.

When uploading high resolution images, you should also make sure that they optimized so that the page loads fast. Slow pages are a buzz kill and will reduce your conversion rate.

User Reviews

Online shoppers nowadays will definitely read reviews and it is proven that customers look for at least 4 stars when purchasing a product.

You should have a healthy mix of positive and negative comments because products that have just positive comments raises suspicion that the reviews are fake.

Special Offers

Offers and discounts are standard marketing practice, and you must use the valuable header space on your platform to promote such offers and discounts.

As soon as a shopper log in to your site, if the first thing they see is a banner with an offer they will definitely spend more time and maybe buy some products.

Wish Lists

If your site doesn’t have a wish list,then you are potentially losing revenue. Customers love window shopping and saving things that they might want to buy in the future. You can use wish lists as a remarketingtool as well.

Related Items

As an ecommerce platform owner, you need to under consumer psychology. There are some things that release serotonin which can cause buyers to buy products that they might not even need.

Showing items that are related to the product they are looking at are one of those things.

These are some of the most common functions that most featured and top ecommerce platforms have. If you want to stay relevant and competitive you must include these features today.

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