Leather Automobile Upholstery Care: Myths and Facts

Leather Automobile Upholstery Care: Myths and Facts


When it comes to taking care of your precious leather seats there are quite a bit of myth floating around in the internet and only a few facts. This article to clear up that confusion once and for all.

After reading this article you can take care of your leather seats as if it was a baby of yours and maintain it for the years to come.

Care Myth 1: Leather Seats Don’t Need Any Care

I don’t think I have heard anything more absurd in my entire life. This myth ends up costing so many owners’ tons of cash to replace leather seats to their former glory after damage.

This myth is 100% a misconception. I’ve often heard even car salesmen utter this in order to make a sale sometimes. The truth is,

On every leather seat that comes nowadays there a real thing layer of vinyl coating. However just because there is a vinyl coating does not mean the seats don’t need car leather treatment to maintain its look.

Salesmen will often use this and spit out false statements claiming that leather seats do not need care anymore. Improvement in manufacturing technologies means that the durability of the seats has increased but cleaning is still required to attain that durability.

Care Myth 2: Once the Smell of a New Car Leather Seat Is Gone You Can’t Get It Back

The fresh aroma of fine leather is something that I very much like and the best part is it doesn’t disappear after a time.

If you maintain your upholstery the scent will remain for quite some time. Even if you did lose the scent, you can always restore it with a leather scent spray.

Care Myth 3: Cream Leather Conditioner is the best

This myth was true back in time. For example, if you owned a car in the 1980’s cream conditioner would have been the best option.

However, with the thin layer of vinyl coating on leather eats nowadays it is quite hard for the cream conditioner to get creep inside the micro-holes. So, because of this all the cream does is maintain the vinyl coating.

So, creep through the tiny gaps in the vinyl layer that you need is a really good liquid conditioner.

Care Myth 4: Water Is Your Worst Enemy, Don’t Even Bring It Close to Leather Seats

Just tap water will not hurt your upholstery. This doesn’t make sense because usually water is used to tan and cure leather.

What actually does the damage is the contaminants in the water.

You can use a damp cloth to wipe leather seats without a problem but just make sure to completely dry it out. This will prevent discoloration.

Just like you pay attention to the exterior of the car because that is what people see for the first time, make sure to take care of the interior regularly as well.

When you carry out regular detailing then you won’t have to spend tons to restore the interior after years of not paying attention.

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