How to Take Care of Your Skin?


Taking care of the skin is very important, it is the largest organ of the body and a well maintained and pampered skin gives the skin a healthy look and also keeps it in a good condition. Due to the pollution and the external factors the skin is always under constant stress, which if neglected may lead to the formation of acne, sun burns, dry skin, rashes and many more. Looking after the skin is not difficult regardless of the busy schedule it is very vital to take care of one’s skin.

Identifying skin type is necessary as the requirements for different skin is different.


Washing the face should be done twice in the day mainly morning and evening, over washing can rip off the skin of its moisture and washing less will not get rid of the dirt. For oily type of skin since it is more likely to get affected with acne using a foaming cleanser containing anti acne medications like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide would be ideal as it can help keep acne at bay, for dry type of skin find cleansing formula that are moisturizing, specially containing glycerine or shea butter.

Usually a cleansing formula has indications for the skin type. Don’t select a face wash that has lots of chemicals. You can get the right products from a beauty shop Melbourne based. For the body too select something appropriate don’t use soaps that strip away moisture, one good way to select is to read the ingredients and watch out for the key ingredients.

Exfoliation is very important, this is gets rid of dead skin cells, but over-exfoliating can do more harm than good, therefore stick to exfoliation once to twice a week


Toning is very important, maintaining pH of the skin is vital, washing the skin can alter the pH of the skin, leading to redness or flakiness of skin, what toner does is bring back the pH to the original level at the same time close opened pores and locks in the skin moisture.


Skin is healthy when moisturized which is why moisturizing should not be skipped regardless of the type of skin moisturizing is a must, there are many moisturizing products out in the market, choose something correct to your skin type and use something that has less chemicals as possible, look for reviews and go through the product before using and before applying onto the face do a splotch test on a small part of your hand or behind the ears to see if you are allergic before using it on your face.


A very important step often skipped, sun has harmful UV rays that damages skin, protection against the sun should be a must regime in skin care. Select a sunscreen with at least 30 SPF but this doesn’t mean you can expose yourself to the sun for a very long time use other measures too like a cap or hat and sunglasses to get the maximum protection.

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