Ingredients to Avoid When Following a Vegan Skincare Routine

Ingredients to Avoid When Following a Vegan Skincare Routine


Vegan skincare is one of the latest trends that is gaining a lot of popularity lately. Unlike before, there are now plenty of vegan beauty brands to choose from, making it a lot easier to shop for all the vegan beauty products that you need.

These products contain plant-based ingredients only; no artificial chemicals and animal-derived ingredients. This means that you’ll be getting all-natural and gentle skin care free from harsh chemicals and without harming animals and the environment as well.

When you’re still starting out with vegan skincare, shopping for vegan products can be quite a challenge. You need to be careful with the products that you buy and always check the label to know if there are any non-vegan ingredients in the list. To help you out, here are some non-vegan ingredients that you should avoid when shopping for beauty products.


Beeswax is commonly used in lip balms and body balms. This ingredient has a moisturizing and nourishing effect when applied to the skin. It is also used to keep ingredients in balms from separating, keeping it balm-like consistency. Have you tried organic lipstick? Plant and soya waxes are the popular alternatives to beeswax and are the ones used in vegan lip balms, lipsticks, mascara, and other body balms.


Carmine produces a red pigment and is commonly used in lipsticks and lip tints. This ingredient is made from the crushed shells of a certain beetle and requires thousands of them to produce just a pound of red dye. Beetroot extract is the go-to alternative for this ingredient.


Glycerine is another common ingredient used in beauty products. This ingredient can be derived on both animals and plants, making it difficult to tell apart which one is used in the product that you’re buying. To be sure that you’re getting a vegan product, look for ones that have specified vegetable glycerin in the ingredient list.


Guanine came from fish scales and looks like a crystalline compound. This ingredient is commonly used in beauty products that need a shimmery effect on them like eyeshadow and bronzers. It could also be found on nail polish with shimmery finish. Mica and rayon is the vegan alternative to this ingredient.


Keratin is naturally found in horns and hair of animals. Keratin is an essential compound that is used to help strengthen hair and nails, making it a common ingredient on hair care and nail care products. Amino acids are the common vegan alternative to this compound and are found in natural plant oils such as avocado oil and almond oil.


Lanolin is sourced from the glands of all animals that has wool. This ingredient is commonly used in lotions and body creams because it helps prevent moisture loss from the skin. Coconut oil and olive oil are the two most common alternatives for lanolin.

Being mindful of the ingredients in every product is an important aspect of a vegan lifestyle. There are still plenty of non-vegan ingredients out there. Do some research and learn more about these ingredients to make every shopping experience a lot easier.

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