How to Save Costs when Carrying Out an Office Fit Out

How to Save Costs when Carrying Out an Office Fit Out


Refurnishing an office is an investment and there can be high costs involved when it comes to procurement of materials, construction time, managing temporary offices for the employees etc. You need to think about how costs can be managed for the new construction as well as the temporary procedures in place until the fit out is completed.

There are several companies that will carry out renovation services. You can read their blog here to understand the many reasons to create a custom fit out. One of the first things you need to do when deciding to have a new office fit out is to have a project management office that is in-house or outsourced to facilitate the implementation of the project. This office will help to keep up with the progress of the project and the strategies in place for cost cutting. The project timeline and the budget will be evaluated routinely to make sure that it is in line with the previously agreed parameters. While you can purchase furniture and equipment for the office brand new, you need to consider how much saving you can have by using existing furniture that is in good condition. You can also look at acquiring pre-loved furniture items so that you can be sustainable in your construction efforts as well. You can sell items that are in good condition or donate.

There is a lot of electricity that is used for lighting. But you need to think about how natural lighting can be used for maximum effect. In addition to being free of charge, natural light can create an environment of warmth. This will elevate the atmosphere of the working place. Try to locate workstations near large windows so that most of the natural light can be utilised. You can also use automatic blinds to maximise the light that will come to the office. If it is possible to modify the structure, you can expand the window size that is already there so you can get more light. But make sure that you are aware of the heat that will be increased due to this. So you have to create openings in taking into account the orientation of the building with the sun path. In areas that will require artificial light, you can use energy saving LED bulbs. You can also use motion sensors with some of the lighting so that they are used only when required.

Saving costs involves knowing where to invest. One of the areas you need to invest in is technology. You need to make sure that the office is energy efficient by having smart lighting solutions and smart equipment that use less energy. Take sufficient time in the beginning to plan out the design, construction and the temporary operations. Assess the issues that may come up and have solutions in place to address them. Once you have a clear and solid plan, you need to make sure that you follow it stringently so that there are no big deviations that will affect the budget.

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