Ways to Decorate Your House Using Candles

Ways to Decorate Your House Using Candles


Candles are widely used around the world for many purposes and most of the time it is used to get light. Candles are used during a range of occasions including festivals, weddings, parties, religious events and also during power shortages at home.

Using candles as an item of decoration can add a lot of elegance and warmth to your house. This also makes your house more inviting and welcoming for your guests. Candles are also scented and could add a unique fragrance to your house. Therefore, following are some ways you can decorate your house using candles.

Coffee Tables

When a guest walks into your house, there will be certain things that would catch their attention immediately. This could be a large painting or a fireplace or a simple thing like a curtain or a unique set of furniture. However, once your guests sit down for a chat, their attention will be on the coffee table and therefore it is essential to make this piece of furniture look quite interesting.

Therefore, one of the things you can do is to add an arrangement of candles on the table. If your guests are arriving in the night, you can even light the candles up to give a warm welcoming feeling. The candle arrangement could change based on seasons and festivities. This can even give your house a refreshing look once in a while. Therefore, using candles as a coffee table arrangement is an excellent way to decorate your house.

Dining Tables

Another interesting way you can decorate your house using candles is by creating centre pieces with the use of candles. If you thought you can have a candlelight dinner only at a restaurant, using candles on your dining table will make you look at this different and understand the multiple possibilities that opens up with the use of candles. During the festival season, one could also look use candles on dining tables with relevant decorations to add colour to your house. Candles on dining tables will add elegance and will never go wrong or look out of place.


Adding candles to your bedroom is an excellent way of make the room more homely. Glasshouse candles that are scented with various fragrances could be used as an air freshener as well. These candles are a perfect way to light up your personal space while creating a sense of peace. When purchasing candles for your bedroom you can find non-toxic items and place is near a mirror, bedside cupboard or a stool that is placed in a safe area.


Another place you can use candles are in your washroom. Candles can be used as an excellent method to unwind after a long day. It creates an atmosphere that will help you relax and enjoy your bath. Candles in washrooms could also be a good method of refreshing the air as well. Therefore, you can arrange a few candles on a windowsill or bath bench as well.

Therefore, candles can add a lot of colour to your house. Above are some excellent ways to decorate your house using candles.

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