Affordable Birthday Gifts for Friends

Affordable Birthday Gifts for Friends


If you’re still schooling, in college and looking for birthday gifts for your best buddies, you don’t always have to spend a lot of money finding the right gift. There are many DIY gifts that you could give that are a lot more personal and heartfelt.

However, if you want to spend a little of your savings, and looking for the perfect gift that will get your best friends there are still a bunch of things that you could gift that wouldn’t break your bank. Below are some options and categories you can choose from when looking for gifts for your girlfriends!

Shopping Date

If there’s anything that girls love doing together, it is shopping. Especially the act of shopping with your closest friends is an intimate, personal and absolutely fun experience. If you can organize a day of shopping for the birthday girl where you sponsor them perhaps with a few clothing items or even gift vouchers to their favourite store, it would be a most ideal gift.

More than the actual gift, the entire experience of spending the day together doing something they love would be a memorable and fun way to celebrate a birthday.

Memorable gifts

Social media is a fabulous way to store memories. Especially now that all platforms remind you of what happened on a particular day several years ago. This way, you will never forget some of your happiest or even some of your most embarrassing moments.

While we upload our lives on social media, a thoughtful gift that store memories with collage photo frames is a fabulous way to keep relationships alive between friends. Its physical and tangible, and one that you will see not just once a year, but every day!

Girls Day Out

Taking your friend out to their favourite theme park, carnival, or simply perhaps the beach would also be an ideal, unique and thoughtful gift for a close girlfriend. It is the best to gift an experience vs. something they can use; this way you can make memories while you’re at it as well!

Buying a fast pass for you and your friend will assure you a day filled with fun and adventure. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a theme park; it could be a day filled with a multitude of activities the birthday girl might like from going to the movies to doing something absolutely adventurous like bungee jumping.

Spa Day

You can always have a ‘couples spa day’ with your BFF! Guaranteed it will be much more fun than your significant other if you head towards the spa with your best friend to enjoy a range of massages and pampering sessions. You can get a gift voucher for the both of you, and enjoy a relaxing spa session that might end up absolutely loving. You can top it up with an hour or two at a sauna coupled with a light mani-pedi as well!

Gifts for a best friend has to be well thought out as they’re the ones who will be there for you during good times and bad times. Treating them right and pampering them with love even without spending too much money is something true friends will always appreciate