How to Choose a Paint Roller for Your Project

How to Choose a Paint Roller for Your Project


Paint rollers have become more popular than paint brushes. They are more convenient to use and does the paint job faster than regular paint brushes, making them an efficient option in doing almost any paint job. There are many different paint rollers available to choose from and each one is designed to meet certain painting needs. If you have a paint project and looking for a paint roller, here’s a simple guide that would help you choose the right one you need.

Manual Paint Roller

When thinking about a paint roller, a manual paint roller is usually the first thing that comes to mind. They are the most common type with a handle and a rotating metal part. This paint roller is commonly used in painting interior walls and ceilings but it can also be used for exterior paint projects.

Manual paint rollers are the most affordable type making them a popular choice for DIY home paint jobs. It is also available in a variety of material, depending on what you need. We recommend microfibre paint rollers forwalls and ceilings because leaves thick and rich paint layers on a surface.

Textured Rollers

If you want to add some style on your painted surface, a textured roller is what you need. Unlike regular manual paint rollers, textured rollers have unique patterns etched into the foam to create some design and texture when applying paint into the wall. These patterns can’t be appreciated a lot in smaller spaces that’s why it is best to use textured rollers when painting wide spaces such as walls.

Pad Rollers

While most of the paint rollers roll, pad rollers don’t. However, they are still considered as another type of paint roller. Pad rollers have a flat surface which absorbs paint and applies it in flat and even strokes. The main purpose of pad rollers is to prevent paint splatter which is really common when using regular paint rollers. Paint pads can only apply a thin layer of paint at a time that’s why they aren’t suitable when painting over dark coloured surfaces.

Mini Rollers

Lastly, mini rollers are included in the list of the most common paint roller options. Since manual rollers are big, they can’t reach into smaller corners and spaces. This is when you need a mini paint roller. It comes in a variety of sizes giving you more options on what size you need for your paint job. Mini rollers are perfect in painting tiny corners, nooks, and even those hard-to-reach areas such as behind the toilet and other fixtures. If you’re doing any paint job, it helps a lot if you have a mini paint roller ready in case you need it.

There are still other types of paint rollers available out there but these 4 are the most common. When choosing a paint roller, be sure to consider which one suits your paint project the most for optimum results.