When to See a Doctor for Shoulder Pain

When to See a Doctor for Shoulder Pain


Whenever you have pain in your body, it is always good to take a step back and decide whether you need to visit the doctor. Generally, if the pain is persistent and will not go down for a couple of days, it is definitely a good idea to visit a healthcare provider.

Our shoulders give us a large scope of motion but there are times when we can experience certain conditions that affect the shoulder. This will be one of the times you will need to see a shoulder specialist or orthopaedic surgeon. You can visit melbshoulderinstitute.com.au to know more details about the conditions that affect shoulders and the treatments that are recommended for them. But how do you know if the pain you are experiencing is serious and needs to be seen by a specialist? There are many accidents that can leave you hurting but if you happen to take a fall and hear a popping sound in your shoulder, this will be a cause for concern. The sound will be followed by a lot of pain or you will feel weakness in your shoulder. Some of the reasons that you may be experiencing this will be because of an AC joint separation or a rotator cuff tear.      It is always best to get emergency treatment when something like this happens.

Some injuries will leave you feeling unstable in your shoulder and this can be due to a shoulder dislocation. There are some times you may not need to see a doctor for this. You will be able to slide the shoulder back into place when you get up from the ground after an accident or a fall. This can even happen automatically. But there are times when your shoulder will not slide back into place and when this happens, you will need to be seen by an orthopaedic doctor. If you have already had an injury to your shoulder and you are experiencing shoulder weakness, it can be because there is a lot of force exerted on the shoulder very suddenly. This can be due to your rotator cuff being torn or ruptured. Most of the time, you will feel this weakness when you try to lift your arm. If you have regularly experienced this, it is best to look for an orthopaedic surgeon specialising in shoulders in your local area.

Some injuries will take some time to manifest. If you have had a recent accident and after some time, you notice a bump on the top part of the shoulder, you may need to have it seen by a doctor. Most of the time, this bump will be accompanied by a lot of pain. This indicates that your AC joint is injured. Most of the time, when it comes to AC separation, surgery is not required. But you need to be evaluated by an orthopaedic doctor. There are different types of AC separations so they will need to find this out to see how serious your injury is.