What Type of Stationary Addict Are You?

What Type of Stationary Addict Are You?


What makes stationary so addictive? Is it the different colours, options, variety or the ability to create anything and everything? For a stationary addict it is simply all of the above. Some people are pen hoarders; you ask them for any colour you could possibly think of they can provide it for you.

And some are the paperclip and stapler pin enthusiast, having this type of stationary addict, as your work colleague is honestly a blessing. Whether you just enjoy browsing through stationary shops taking in the different notebook styles or have a secret stash of glitter pens, here are the different types of stationary addicts. Maybe you might find out which one you are.

The notebook lover… and no we don’t mean the movie

If we are honest, we are all guilty to this particular habit. The fascination we have with notebooks can never be fully explained other than the simple joy of having a book with empty pages and a cool cover.

It does not matter whether you have never written down a thing on paper in your life a new notebook summons all. The excuses to use a notebook are even funnier; New Year, new class, new subject or even your resolution of new you. A love for notebooks is a guilty pleasure to all.

The perfectionist

We all know a perfectionist. Whether it is just to draw a line with a marker on a work document or to paint on 3 feet canvas this stationary addict will not settle for anything less than the best. They would only use the perfect shade of paint for their art or organize their pens according to the rainbow colours. These types of people are great at what they do.

The lust for colour

This addict is quite honestly many of us. We love stationary even if we don’t have a reason for it. They love browsing through the rows of stationery shops and picking out random stationary just because it looks appealing.

They are a stationary shops favourite kind of customer. If you are in the mood to satisfy your craving at a boutique stationery NZ has quite a few places you should check out. Whether online or at their physical shops get lost in the world of paper, pens and everything you don’t ideally need just really want.

The creative Director

Stationery lined up in a pattern majorly excites them. It does not really matter to them if they’re creativity is really any good, they just love showing off what stationery the own. Expensive paint brushes with a brand-new box of oil paints, or a large bottle of glue and a DIY project. Showing it off is their guilty pleasure.

The doodler

Ever zoned out during a phone conversation and realized you ended up doodling a masterpiece. This addict loves leaving their mark on all surfaces. Better yet they love adding some diversity into their work. And if they are really good at doodling you might want to give them a full-time project.

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