Tips for Working within a Tight Kitchen Renovation Timeframe

Tips for Working within a Tight Kitchen Renovation Timeframe


A kitchen renovation can take a significant amount of time especially if you are doing a complete renovation. But it is possible to shorten this time with good planning. This way, you will have minimal disruption in your daily life and you will be able to use the kitchen more quickly as well.

You need to have effective planning for a successful renovation.

This in particular will have a lot of bearing on the timeline for the project. You need to have a detailed project plan that outlines every task for the project along with milestones. As this is a large project, it can be broken down into small parts. You will see some tasks have to be completed for others to begin while some tasks can be done simultaneously. It is very important to pinpoint critical path items that can delay other tasks. These need to be prioritised so that you can stay on top of the timeline from day one. It is also important to hire experienced kitchen renos and installers Brighton as they will ensure efficiency of the project. They will go over the project with you and make sure to understand your requirements when it comes to the kitchen. By choosing experienced professionals, you will be able to ensure a smooth project execution.

When choosing the right company for your project,

Make sure to check their credentials, references and licenses. Always work with contractors that have comprehensive insurance so that you are not liable for any damages or injuries that occur at the site. Something that can prolong a project is when there is a complicated design with different materials and construction technologies. If time is of the essence, you will have an easier time achieving it when you have a simple design to work with. Look for materials that are readily available along with fittings such as door handles, hinges and other hardware. This will not compromise the quality of the work; it will simply help you streamline the process. This also means there will be fewer people involved in the process which can make managing it quite easy. Some of the things you can do to ensure this is using standard sized appliances and prefabricated cabinets. There are also off-the-shelf materials that can be sourced easily.             

Sometimes there can be delays in material being delivered to the site.

And this can delay progression of work. To prevent this, make sure to order the materials in advance. You will need to work closely with the contractor to get an idea of the materials and fittings required for the project. When you have these materials on site ahead of time, you can minimise any downtime that can occur. And try not to do any changes in the middle of the renovation. When this happens, the contractor will have to order new materials and you will be deviating from the agreed upon timeline. By sticking to the plan that was made earlier, you will be able to focus all efforts on meeting the agreed timeline.