Tips for Selecting Items for Self Storage

Tips for Selecting Items for Self Storage

If you are running out of space in your home or office for your belonging, you can consider self-storage units as an ideal solution. But you need to know how to make the maximum use of these storage boxes so that you only store what you actually need. This can save you some money as well.

Before you put all extra items away to be placed inside the storage box

You first need to evaluate whether the item is really necessary. There are many reasons why you would want to keep a possession. Maybe it has a sentimental value or it can have a practical purpose to your daily use. Items that you place in portable self-storage should be rarely used items that still have some value to you. You need to evaluate what items should take priority and what items can be disposed of responsibly. Filling a self-storage box gives you a good opportunity to de-clutter and organize your space.

You will be going through all your possessions to see what should go in the box and what should not. There may be items that you will never use and will not be useful even if you put it in a storage box. These can be donated or sold. This exercise can help you identify exactly which items are needed for your home and which items can be kept in storage. This can maximize available storage space in your home as you can get rid of items that you don’t need.

Some of the items that you can put into self-storage will be fragile or valuable items

Some examples are electronics, antiques, artwork etc. You need to make sure that these valuables are packed properly so that they will be kept safe. Generally, the boxes are constructed to withstand a variety of weather conditions and handling. But proper packing can go a long way towards keeping your items safe.

Make sure to label fragile items. If you are storing items that are sensitive to humidity and temperature, you can look into climate controlled storage units. These units will maintain stable levels of moisture and temperature inside the box so that your possessions are protected from warping, mould, mildew etc. Some examples of items that will do well in a climate controlled self-storage unit will be important documents, furniture and electronics.

When you are storing large items

You need to disassemble them whenever possible as this can save a lot of space. This will also help reduce the risk of damage to the items when they are being transported or stored. All hardware and joinery should be placed in a bag and clearly marked with the disassembled pieces so that you can assemble them again in the future. You can tape this bag to the item. You can also place appliances in self-storage but you have to clean and dry them properly to make sure there is no risk of mould growth. You should create an inventory for everything that you plan to put in the self-storage box so that you can keep track of your items.