Tips for Selecting a Wedding DJ

A wedding is an exciting time in your life but there is a lot of planning you need to get done ahead of time. There are so many different types of entertainment you can include in the reception and one such example is a wedding DJ. But you need to understand how to select somebody that will match the tone of your wedding.

A wedding DJ Melbourne will be able to work the crowd effortlessly and this will make it a memorable day for the attendees as well.  You may need to come up with a list of DJs and research them to see who suits your wedding the most. You can narrow them down to about 3 potential options that you can then visit and speak to.

This will give you an idea of who to pick at the end. One of the first questions you need to have answers to is whether the DJ is available on the date of your wedding. You can ask them about how long they have been in the field. Those with a bit of experience under their belt will be able to work professionally and give you a great experience. But this should not deter you from considering newer DJs.

Check how many weddings they have worked at. While many would have worked at other events, a wedding is a different ballgame and they should have some experience in handling such an event. To get an idea of their work schedule, you can ask them whether they perform multiple events in a day. If the DJ seems too busy or they have a few events before your wedding, they can be tired or overwhelmed when they start yours. You can also ask who is included in their team or if they run their own business.

Some companies will have a line-up of DJs and if you are choosing a person from this, you need to ask who will be selected for your wedding. This will allow you to speak to the person handling your day and get a better idea of how they operate. Ask the DJ to provide you with some references of their previous clients. You can also check online reviews to get an idea of their service. You may be able to see some live videos on their official website or social media page.

It is very important to get an idea of the music style of the DJ to see if it matches what you want for the wedding. You can probably get a good idea by going through their website or social media. You can ask the DJ to describe their style and to let you know about the type of music they specialise in. If it aligns with your preferences, this will be a step forward. Check how long the DJ updates their music collection to know if you may miss out on some of the newer hits. You can always let them know of songs you want included in the wedding reception; these songs can have sentimental value to you and your partner.