Throwing A Baby Shower: Things You Need to Know

Throwing A Baby Shower: Things You Need to Know


Almost everything in your life will revolve around your baby before you know it. If that isn’t enough of an excuse to let anyone throw you a fabulous mom-to-be party, consider this: “A baby shower will really make you feel less stressed by providing you with a lot about what you’ll need when the baby is born,” says Jodi Cohen, founding partner of Los Angeles event agency JOWY Productions. Anything that alleviates new-parent tension is a positive thing. That’s why we’re addressing expectant mothers’ most frequently asked baby-shower questions.

Who should organize my baby shower?

The timing is critical, you want to hold the party at least 4 to 6 weeks before your delivery date so that you have enough time to loan or buy any baby supplies you still need – and there’s also a lower risk you’ll go into labour even before party.

As an option, a rising problem is to have a “Greeting baby” shower after the child is born, which can be paired with a bris (ritual circumcision),naming ceremony, or baptismal.

How many people do I call to my baby shower?

It is entirely up to you and the host to decide who to invite – loved ones and close family only, co-workers, your grandmother’s friend Helga, husbands and boyfriends. However, for the most enjoyable experience, Cohen recommends inviting only those closest to you, so that everyone genuinely participates in your joy rather than feeling obligated to participate.

Giving the hostess a list of addresses and phone numbers means that anyone you care for receives an invitation. But what if your sister, co-worker, and dog park friend are all preparing separate showers for you? Having many celebrations has become popular.

Can we open gifts either during or after the shower?

People like seeing tiny cute clothes, cuddly toys, or a baby gift hamper. But if the pile is too big, gift-opening can become boring for visitors or make those who carried smaller gifts feel awkward. You and your host can do what feels good to you, but it always works out better when gifts are unwrapped later. “Determined on the number of invitee list, gift-unwrapping will last for hours, and the event should be no more than three hours,” she says. And, of course, even if your guests insist on not receiving a thank-you letter, you can always send one.

Is it okay if I throw a baby shower for baby #2 or #3?

Although having a second-baby shower used to be frowned upon by etiquette experts, it is now perfectly acceptable. “A shower is about celebrating new life – and if people want to commemorate every birth, even if they have 20 children, that’s great,” says Cheri Osmundsen, a mom of three from San Clemente, California.

If you feel weird throwing a large baby shower after you’ve already celebrated pregnancy once or twice, suggest a smaller-scale get-together or brunch so your mates can “slather” you with affection and token gifts instead of showering you with gifts.

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