Staple Dresses Every Wardrobe Must Have

Staple Dresses Every Wardrobe Must Have


Even with a closet brimming with clothes, we still sometimes have those emergencies when we could not figure out what to wear, especially if there is an important social event that we must attend. We have heard and read of “wardrobe staples” that we must have but comes shopping time, we forget about these staples and just buy whatever is trendy, which in just a few months or one season would not be as fashionable and stylish anymore. This is the reason why we should have the essentials, because they never go out of style.

Dresses are one of those staples that every wardrobe must have especially the following.

Little black dress

Understandably, the first on this list is the little black dress because it goes every which way. Just change your shoes and accessories and you could wear it anywhere and for which ever occasion. Don a strappy stiletto heels and you could wear your little black dress to a corporate event or to an elegant party. Pair it with sneakers and you dress it down.

Or a strappy sandal and it’s perfect for a yacht or beach party. Black is also flattering on almost everyone because it is slimming and could be paired with any colour of your accessories, blazer or cardigan. When you go shopping for a little black dress, take your time in choosing because it would definitely serve you well. Choose among the LBDs of Scanlan Theodore dresses and you would always be dressed to impressed.

Maxi dress

A maxi dress is for those days you don’t want to dress up but still want to look put together. You would not need to worry about what top or bottom to wear and if they are matching because just putting on a maxi dress and you are good to go for errands or coffee with friends. If in case you accidentally bumped into an ex, you would not be bothered thinking you look blah because a maxi dress with the right accessories would make you look like you are on your way to a music festival or a photoshoot.

Attention grabbing dress

This might be a little tricky to find since there is not a tailored attention-grabbing dress for all women. It differs with every woman because an attention-grabbing dress is something that highlights and showcases a woman’s asset. If you have a small waist, an attention-grabbing dress for you is something that would accentuate that. If you have a sweet derriere, the dress for you is something that fits your posterior.

Lacey dress

A lacey dress is also a must because it is sophisticated, elegant and a classic. Be wary though in shopping for a lacey dress because too much lace and you might end up looking like a tablecloth or a curtain.

Make a day out of trying on dresses and don’t impulsively buy the first one you tried on. Know what works for your body shape and don’t forget about comfort as well. It does not matter if the dress really looks good on you but if you are not comfortable wearing it, it would just end up a ball of cloth in your closet floor.

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