Reasons to Use Fungicide in Your Garden

Reasons to Use Fungicide in Your Garden


When you start a garden, there are a few dangers to look for, one of which is fungal diseases. However, there are fungicides that you can use to prevent this from happening and damaging your crop. You can control disease a lot better with the use of fungicides.

There are different fungal diseases that can come up and you can find fungicides that can be used for each. For example, you can choose citrus gall wasp spray to control powdery mildew. Many of the fungicides you will come across on the market will have a preventative action. It will slow down fungal cells when it comes to their respiration causing their death. It can also lead to plant cells slowing down in respiration as well but compared to fungal cells, these actually seem to have a positive impact. In some crops like corn, this allows the plant to utilise nitrogen more effectively and this will ensure you have increased kerned weight and count. When plant cell respiration is slowed down, water utilisation is made to be more efficient and this will also reduce the amount of water loss in certain varieties such as soy beans. This reduces stress on plants when it comes to drought or dry periods.

You will be able to experience better seed quality with certain fungicides.

You will also be able to speed up harvest.  Having better seed quality is especially important for a farmer as they can provide their customers with seeds that have better shape, weight and colour. This is something that has been proven in many plant types such as corn and soybeans. Fungicides can also reduce the production of ethylene which is a plant hormone. This hormone improves ripening. When you delay the ripening of the plant, the plant can stay green for a long time. The plants will dry down naturally instead of dying prematurely. And this is a great way of adding to your yield. There are many different types of fungicides and how they affect the plant will vary as well. You need to make sure that the fungicides are applied at the right time. This will differ when it comes to individual plants.

There are also many types of grass that are susceptible to fungal diseases.

If you see your yard turning brown suddenly, this can be the reason. And once the yard has a fungal infection, it can be hard to eliminate it. Preventative treatment such as a fungicide is very important when it comes to controlling fungal infestations. You can prevent new or existing fungi growing in your garden when you use fungicide. You need to be careful when handling these and read the label carefully about how to use them. If you have a heavy fungal infestation, fungicide may not be very beneficial as this is more of a preventative method. You can easily protect certain fruits like grapes or tubers and vegetables when you use fungicides. And it comes with a versatile application.