Pallet Boxes- Everything You Need to Know

Pallet Boxes- Everything You Need to Know


Around the world, pallet boxes are a commonly used term in the warehousing and distribution section of an industry. These simple wooden workhorses ought to be a notable industrial invention of the 20th century. And, according to records, there are nearly over 30 million new pallets being made every year.

What are these pallet boxes?

Pallet boxes are also known as bulk boxes. These large and sturdy corrugated boxes are then fastened to the wooden pallets, to transport products from one location to another.There is a high chance that you would have seen these pallet boxes in a wholesale supermarket, filled with raw ingredients such as rice or potatoes.

What is the size of these pallet boxes?

In general, there is a standard size for these pallet boxes.

Standard are as follows:

  • Standard 1/1-

The measurement is 1200mm by 800mm by 800mm.

  • Standard 1/2-

The measurement is 600mm by 800mm by 800mm.

However, for instance, let’s say you are a business owner and have a different requirement for the size of these boxes and their pallets.Then, you can design and get your preferred size manufactured through a bespoke packaging solution provider.

How are these pallet boxes made?

Mostly, the pallet boxes come in three classifications. They are made from either:

  • Single wall corrugated cardboard
  • Double wall corrugated cardboard
  • Triple wall corrugated cardboard

These cardboards are fastened together with stitched joints. The process initially begins by setting the tray at the bottom. This is the base that sits on the pallet. Then the corrugated cardboard forms the wall or the sleeves of the box on the sides. Followed by it, the final step is to place the pallet box topper or the cap.

Thus, it is effectively used as a lid for the box. Besides, heavy strapping is used to keep the three sections together. With easily accessible resources on the internet, you can check out these pallet boxes for production process and usage.

What are the benefits of using pallet boxes?

Indeed, these boxes offer great solutions at a reasonable price.

Below mentioned are a few of them.

  • Can drastically reduce the cost of transporting and shipping products, locally and overseas.
  • It is spacious. Therefore, one can pack several items together. It is relatively less costly than shipping individual boxes.
  • It is an ideal option to protect unpacked items during transit
  • Using a treated pallet is a suitable solution for export purposes
  • There can be several boxes stacked on one pallet, which can save a large amount of space in the warehouse.
  • Fit easily in the shipping containers
  • The boxes can be stored easily, as the boxes can be collapsed into a flat surface.

Why do retail and wholesale clients prefer receiving goods on a pallet?

  • The lift trucks make the process easier to move the boxes.
  • Faster loading and unloading from the lorries
  • A major reduction in labour expenses
  • The risk for damaging products is significantly reduced
  • More efficient use of space, whether; it is the warehouse or the lorries.

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