How to Select a Lounge for the Living Room

How to Select a Lounge for the Living Room


The living room is a central space in the home and this is generally considered the main space. Therefore you need to think carefully before selecting furniture items. In this article, we are looking into how you can select the right lounge for this space.

Consider the style of existing décor and think about your preferences when it comes to home design. Is your home more of a modern or traditional design? Think carefully about the colour palette of the home. Do you like bold or subtle colour palettes? You can also have an interior designer rearrange the living room and select the right furniture. Once you have a good idea of the style you already have and the style you are looking for your lounge to be, you need to look at the physical space of the living room. Consider the size of the living room as this will be the determining factor for the size of the sofa. The size of the sofa has to be proportional to your living room. Having a sofa that is too big can cramp the space and when the size of the sofa is too small, it can make the rest of the space look empty.

You can draw your living room on a piece of paper with the measurements, mark the entrances and exits and leave circulation around the sofa to see how large the sofa really has to be. This will allow you to visualise it better. The configuration of the lounge is also important. You will find recliners, L-shaped lounges, modular loungers etc. in furniture stores Brisbane. This will also be informed by the shape of the room and its size. A recliner will be good for a small space while a modular lounge will be suitable for a large living room. If you can go to the showroom, you will be able to get an idea of the level of comfort of the lounge. Look for something that comes with cushioning and back support so that you can sit and be comfortable in it for a long time. The materials used for construction also play a role in this. You can try out several different lounges that use different upholsteries, foam and filling.

A lounge will be used for so many purposes. This will be where you are entertaining visitors and it will also be the place the family is gathering. This will also double as your TV room or entertainment space. The lounge is one piece of furniture in the house that will see a lot of use. So you need to think about the durability of the lounge. This will be decided by the quality of the materials used for construction. So you need to have durable upholstering, quality foam and sturdy frames for a long lasting combination. As this is a piece of furniture that is heavily used, there will be some wear and tear. There can be spills and other damage. So you need to select something that is easy to maintain and clean. Materials resistant to spills and stains are ideal for a family lounge especially when you have pets or children.