How to Select a Good Strata Manager?

How to Select a Good Strata Manager?

As a property owner, you may have different needs and expectations with regard to a strata manager you are looking for. You have to extremely careful when selecting a strata manager because you will be entrusting your property to be well-maintained. So here are some tips for you to consider when choosing the right strata manager.


Experience is an essential factor to look for to entrust a strata manager to manage an owner’s corporation. Not everyone is suited for the job. A strata manager needs to have specific experience to perform your unique tasks. Therefore, make sure to choose one who has already dealt with strata schemes that are similar to yours in size, functionality, facilities or a manager who is experienced in dealing with a vast range of properties from residential to commercial.


Another important thing to consider is the company the strata manager works for because such managers do not often work alone. When looking for an expert in strata management Geelong will have some of the potential companies who will provide you with the best strata managers. Find out a long-standing company because they usually have a thorough understanding of the industry and will be able to advise you of any potential difficulties.


Strata managers who have gained professional, industry-recognized qualifications will make sure that the managers are fully equipped with the best training and skills to understand and monitor the multifaceted strata protocols precise to the state in which they operate. A strata manager must be fully qualified where he has undertaken in-depth training in the complete strata administration procedure from trust accounting to risk analysis.

Industry Knowledge

The owner’s corporation needs to carefully understand what rights and responsibilities that are being bestowed upon them by the state legislation. A good strata manager will know how to interpret the by-laws specific to your state and type of property and advise you regarding any changes that would occur in near future. The best strata management companies also make sure to invest time in training and development to stay in line with the latest legislation and management practices in order to provide the owners with the best advice possible.

People Skills

People management is crucial to strata management. A good strata manager must at all times be transparent, approachable, and an effective communicator. Strata managers will work with the owner’s corporation closely to keep them in line with the regulations and management practices. They will also organize and lead meetings, mediate disputes by providing favorable resolutions.


You will be entrusting many important tasks regarding your owners’ corporation to a strata manager. So, it is of utmost importance that the strata manager you choose exert high professionalism at all times such as responding to issues in a timely manner and providing sound and practical advice.

Consider all these factors and make sure you examine them thoroughly before you hire a strata manager because the well-being of your property shall depend on such a manager.

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