How To Dress for Winter


Especially if you are from a tropical country and if you have not experienced winter before then it is best to prepare ahead. For example, when dressing in the winter there are certain things you should keep in mind to ensure that you are comfortable and safe to head out into the cold.

Where to go?

Before you decide on where to shop, you first need to think about what you are looking for. For example, if you are looking for puffer style vests and jackets you can do your research by looking online or asking friends on the best shops to visit.


When you are shopping for clothes, such as jackets you do not necessarily need to purchase many as one or two winter jackets would do. However, in order to make sure that you are able to wear the jacket with majority of our outfits, picking a neutral colour would be a good idea.

For instance, if you were to purchase a bring pink or green jacket then you may not be able to wear this with a lot of colours. Therefore, purchasing neutral colours will be good as then you will be able to wear the jacket with many outfits.

Keep warm

When dressing for winter the main thing you should keep in mind is keeping warm. You should also keep in mind that is not just your body that you need to cover up but also your hands and feet. Therefore, purchasing winter gloves, boots and hats will come in handy.

Winter boots are important because during the winter and especially when it is snowing, you cannot walk out in flip flops or open shoes as your toes and feet will feel very cold which will in turn make your entire body feel cold.

It is also important to make sure the boots you wear are water resistant especially when you go out on a snowy day. This is very important because if not the cool water can seep into your boots and touch your feet. Therefore, to prevent this from occurring it is important to wear water resistant boots.

There could be winter days where some days are colder than others. On days like this you can consider wearing mittens instead of gloves as mittens work better than gloves in keeping the hands warmer. Therefore, knowing what exactly you should wear and when to wear it will be very beneficial to you.

Going to bed

The regular pyjamas you wear may not be suitable to keep you warm at night especially if you are from a tropical climate and you wore to bed what you usually wear. Investing in nightwear that will keep you warm and comfortable is a good idea.

You can also consider wearing socks as keeping your feet warm can aid in making the entire body feel warm. Therefore, even if you go to bed without socks keeping them close to you when you sleep is a good idea in case you do need to put them on in the middle of the night.