How to Assess Whether to Buy a New or Used Forklift

How to Assess Whether to Buy a New or Used Forklift


Forklifts are used by many warehouses and industries and they are invaluable for day to day operations. There are also many options to choose from when it comes to forklifts but one of the major considerations that you need to figure out in the beginning is whether to purchase a brand new vehicle or a used one.

Your company will have an allocated budget for the purchase of the forklift so you need to use this as a guide when you are looking at industrial vehicles Australia. Buying a brand new vehicle is an easier option as you don’t need to worry about the capabilities of the forklift. But there is a considerable cost saving when you select a used vehicle. But it is not just the initial investment that you have to think about. There are additional costs you need to consider such as operational expenses that include maintenance costs, fuel price and costs that go towards training forklift operators. Out of these considerations, maintenance cost is very important. When you buy a used forklift, they may require more maintenance as they will have been exposed to more wear and tear. Looking at the total cost including maintenance will give you a realistic image of the cost comparison.

A forklift can be used in several industries and you need to consider your particular requirements to see whether the option you are considering is the right fit. Some of the factors you need to go over are the service hours per day and the frequency of operation. If you are using the forklift for long periods of time, it is best to select a new vehicle. There are also other factors that can influence your decision such as the operational needs of the facility. There can be certain heights that you are looking for and it might not be available as a used vehicle. There are certain models that can be hard to find. You need to have a good idea of the configuration that the operational facility requires from a forklift. There are many attachments that can be used.

Evaluate the service history of the forklift to get an idea of the productivity of the vehicle. You will need an operational vehicle that will make the day to day tasks of your site easy. So you need to have a vehicle that requires less downtime and costly maintenance. Of course, if you want a guarantee on the productivity and reliability, a brand new vehicle is the clear choice. And there is an extended warranty to fall back on if there is any issue with the purchased vehicle. But if you are looking for an additional forklift or a forklift that will only be used part-time, a used vehicle is a great option. But make sure you check the previous environment that the forklift has been used in to get an idea of the wear and tear it has experienced. You also need to get the maintenance log of the used truck as well as the service hours so that you can make an informed decision.

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