How Tie a Proper Ponytail


If you have long hair, whether you are a girl or a boy you may know about the difficulties that may come with it. That is not to say that having long hair is bad as it there are many advantages. It may help to increase your confidence, improve your overall look, and make you more attractive. However, like I said before there may be certain difficulties that may come with it like the difficulty to maintain and carry your hair. 

What should be done?

Well, then is there a way through which you could preserve the length of your hair while making it convenient? The good news is yes. It is quite possible. You may already do those things actually without awareness. So, what could be done? The first step that should be taken is to learn how to tie your hair properly.

The choice is yours

When you feel it is difficult to let your hair loose, wither at home or at an event you can simply tie your hair. While this may sound boring it is important to know that you can style your hair when you have tied it. You can either choose to tie your hair up in a bun or a ponytail.

This could be decided depending on the dress you are wearing, the event you are attending to and simply what feel like doing with your hair. After all, the hair is yours and the choice of what you should be doing with your hair should ultimately be yours

Using accessories to tie your hair

You can use many accessories to tie your hair up which will make it look more stylish than letting your hair loose actually. For example, you can use scrunchies to tie your hair. In fact, knitted scrunchies are back in style. So why should you be left behind?

Tying your hair up properly

While styling is important it is equally beneficial to learn how to tie your hair up properly. If you want to tie your hair up in a bun, then you may first comb and collect all the hair from one hand, usually your dominant hand and then comb your hair once more.

Once you have finished combing, you can lift the ponytail to the height you want it to be in and tie the band around it. In order to make a bun, you can twist the ponytail, and pin it using hairpins.  After you tie your hair up in a ponytail if you do not want the hair tie to be seen, you can wrap one hair stand around the band and secure it with a hair pin. You can even backcomb your ponytail to increase its volume.