Hospital Bag Essentials Before A Baby Arrives

Hospital Bag Essentials Before A Baby Arrives


Packing a bag with all the items you require a few days in advance of your scheduled delivery date, reduces the stress of the last-minute rush. It is recommended to have your bag packed when you are about 36 weeks as you may go into labour at any point after that time.

Keep your bag near the door or in the vehicle for ease of access and so you do not forget in the rush. However sometimes it can be overwhelming deciding what items are needed for your hospital stay. Here is a list of important items you should ensure you’ve got tucked into your bag well ahead of time.

Required paperwork

This may include ID copies of yourself, medical insurance or even your doctor’s information. Maintaining a file with important documents will help you be organized and not miss out or lose any paperwork.


While some hospitals provide soaps, shampoos and lotion, some ladies prefer carrying their own. Remember to pack a toiletries bag with the bare essentials such as toothbrush and paste, soap or body wash, lotions, hair ties or headbands and any personal item you like to have with you. Since hospital bathroom space is limited carry the liquids in small bottles to avoid clutter.

Clothing items for the mother to be

It is mandatory for the hospital to provide hospital gowns while giving birth but the mother is going to require a change of clothes. Loose maternity gowns, a feeding bra and underwear, a pair of comfortable and warm socks and slippers are essential clothes that will come in handy.

It is important to wear clothes that are comfortable and can be changed or removed easily especially if the birth plan is a C- section. Packing a blanket from home will make the mother feel more at ease.  They shouldn’t restrict movement, as she will be moving around with her newborn.

Newborn essentials

Your baby will need to be kept cosy and warm just after his or her arrival and will also need to be protected. Diapers and a muslin swaddle are a few items that should be packed for them. The swaddle keeps them warm as it is made of soft material and can be purchased in many colours according to your preference.

Reading material or notebooks

You may arrive in hospital just in time for the delivery or you may have to be in hospital for some time before. While it may not be the best time to read or note down thoughts. Having a notebook with you can help to track down feeding times, any questions you might want to ask before leaving and notes your Doctor wants you to follow.

If you have time before your delivery or even after do some light reading to de-stress and relax your mind and body. All women experience having a baby differently, the items required will vary them too. However, the most important factor is that each mother is made to feel comfortable during the process.

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