Guide to the Smash Repair Process

Guide to the Smash Repair Process


You can get the assistance of a smash repair service when you are involved in a car accident. While this can be a stressful experience, this service can help you with the repair process and ensure you receive the restored vehicle in a short time with minimal disruption to your day to day routine.

There is a certain process followed in Hornsby Auto smash repair service. You will first need to bring the damaged vehicle to the repair centre so that it can be inspected. This will give them an idea of the extent of the damages. The inspection will be carried out by a qualified technician and they will decide the best method to repair the vehicle. They will then provide you with an upfront quotation for the estimated cost of the repair work to be done. This ensures that you have a good idea about the overall cost for the damage. You will be able to get back on the road soon enough with the assistance of the smash repair service. Many smash repair services will have staff members that can help you with filing the insurance claims. The claims process can be quite complicated and with their assistance, you can save time and ensure the claims are filed accurately.

There are different procedures followed depending on the insurance company

And it can take some time to approve the claim. The smash repair service will help expedite the process by providing you with a detailed assessment. You will also be notified of any delays in authorising the claim. Once insurance approval is given, there will be certain parts for the vehicle that should be ordered. The smash repair service will order these parts and if any of this is delayed, they will communicate it to you. They will maintain transparency in their process so that you will be notified if they run into any unforeseeable issues. You can also adjust your expectations accordingly when the smash repair service maintains transparency.

Once the parts arrive in store, there will be skilled technicians to start the body and frame work.

This is critical in restoring the structural integrity of the vehicle. They will address any damages that have been done to the vehicle frame and body as a result of the accident. There are advanced equipment that can be used along with skilled techniques to ensure your vehicle is brought to its optimal condition. They will ensure the safety and durability of your vehicle as well. Next is the paintwork stage and the paint thickness of each vehicle will be measured and checked with the specifications provided by the manufacturer. The vehicle will be then prepared and masked for painting. Some of the work involved will be sanding, hi-fill and curing. All of this will be done in a dust-free environment. The vehicle will be reassembled after the body and paint work. There are also mechanical repairs related to the accident that will be addressed to ensure the safety and efficiency of the vehicle. Once the vehicle is assembled, the vehicle will be buffed and polished so that the new paintwork can shine.