Fun Activities to Try Out with Your Best Friend

Fun Activities to Try Out with Your Best Friend


Having a best friend is awesome, someone whom you can share almost everything with who sticks by through all the happy and sad times and also try so many crazy and fun things together. You may have so many things on your bucket list but it’s not a bad idea to create a new which involves you and your best friend. You can jot down what you would like for the both of you to do together and discuss with your friend and get ideas from her too.

Binge watching a whole tv series together

This is so much fun, you can ask your best friend to stay over at your place or you can go to her place and pick on a tv series which you both are interested, if you have a subscription to any platform you can watch in this, all you have to do is prepare some snacks this can be pizza, popcorn anything that you like, get into comfy clothes like your pyjamas and spend the day binge watching a tv series or go on a movie marathon. There may be a tv series you both love and have already watched you can try re-watching that too.

Go for a makeover

It is nice to dress up and try different styles, you can both go to a spa or beauty parlour get a clean-up or facial. You can even try colouring your hair at hair colouring in Perth and get a new look. Pair this up with good make up and a dress.


It is a good habit to help others and how would it be if two people involve in the same good deed together. You can find out any old homes or orphanages and visit them and lend a helping hand there and then sit and talk with them and if you are visiting an orphanage get some games or activities prepared so you can play with the kids so this is not only a good deed it is also plenty fun.

Go on a road trip or explore a new place

Going on a road trip is fun with no particular destination in mind, you can both pack and drive around, make sure to carry some food or you can dine at places on the way. Select a route first and when you come across places that are attractive stop by, take pictures and explore them or you can both taka a trip to a city you have never been and explore that place together.

Baking together

Baking is so much fun, you both can select what you would like to bake like cupcakes or brownies and go shopping for the ingredients and make it together. When you look at the end result you would be so proud of yourself and it would so exciting to figure out how to work out a recipe.

These are only few ideas that you can try there are plenty others like going on a shopping spree, taking cooking classes, picnic which you can include as well.

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