Different Types of Underwear for Women

Different Types of Underwear for Women


In this context, “underwear” refers to any garment used beneath clothes to cover the lower half of the body. It can be worn as a stand-alone type of clothing or as a hybrid of top and bottom pieces. In the past, people just wore what they absolutely needed to wear. Pants were worn to hide the legs, while tops were either blouses or t-shirts.

The cultural stigma attached to a woman baring her breasts meant that blouses served primarily as a means of covering them. Being dishonest about one’s appearance grew to be seen as bad in later times. Around that time, beautifying oneself with exquisite garments became commonplace as well.

Lingerie and underwear for women are a subset of women’s apparel. “Lingerie” comes in a wide variety of forms, from those that cover the wearer almost entirely to those that expose the wearer’s chest. Historically, there have been two categories of women’s undergarments – those that are purely practical, and those that are ornamental.

The former group consists of breast-supportive apparel, such as bras and other clothes worn to keep the breasts in place or from changing the appearance of other clothing. Take time to learn the different types of underwear for women so you have an idea which type of underwear fits your needs.


Boyshorts, which are essentially the female equivalent of boxer briefs, are shaped like a rectangle and conceal the legs the most. They are ideal for lounging in, especially when paired with a flowy skirt, as they give the most cover in the event that the skirt rises.


A thong’s minimal back covering prevents your underwear from revealing your underwear lines. Thongs are great for concealing your underwear and preventing the appearance of lumps around your pant legs. When wearing tighter garments, thongs are a great alternative, but they might be irritating if you do not search for the right fabric or size. Check out bra, panty and garter sets in-store or online.


Choose briefs rather than boxers if you like to be protected from the front and the rear, since this type of undergarment will offer you more coverage overall. This particular style can be customized in a number of different ways, such as by having high-cut leg openings. A lot of individuals choose to wear their brief undies once again even though it will be possible to see their panty lines because they are so cosy.

High Rise

Underwear with a high rise will help conceal the entirety of your stomach. If you despise the sensation of your undies pushing into your stomach, high-rise pants are an excellent alternative because the majority of pairs of them go all the way up to your waist.

Control Top

In addition to the advantages of shapewear, wearing undergarments with a control top assist in the smoothing out of your figure. They can go right up to your bra, while others stop at your navel. Bikini and cheeky are the types of underwear you can try as well.