Common Issues that Cause Delays in Construction Work

Common Issues that Cause Delays in Construction Work

Contractors and building owners both have a joint goal to see the construction of a building complete within the allocated time. Before the construction of a building commences generally there is an allocated schedule that is agreed upon by the contractor and the building owner. Successful construction includes successful completion of the construction in the allotted time. An allocated schedule is created taking into consideration the normal time span for designing, construction, and any anticipated delays. However, though contractors try to work perfectly according to the said schedule there can always be delays that cannot be anticipated. A professional contractor would always keep this factor in mind in his construction work and plan his strategy accordingly. A strategic plan is essential for the successful completion of construction activities. When you have a strategic plan, you can take necessary actions against anticipated delays and precautions against unanticipated delays.

What Are Some Common Issues that Cause Delay?

One of the common causes of delay that puts a dent in construction work is equipment failure. No matter how professional and experienced the contractor might be construction work might be halted due to equipment failure. One of the ways that contractors can remedy this situation is to have back-up equipment ready in case one fails. Another method of preparation is to have contacts of specialists and technicians nearby who are experts in repairing construction equipment. Companies providing excavator, drill, and hydraulic repairs Perth has to offer are often found easily on the internet or the yellow pages. Having such technical experts ready in advance for any repair can help greatly in reducing any delays that can be caused during construction.

Another fundamental reason for construction work delay is the delays caused in getting approvals from the local authorities. This can be a common problem in many construction projects. It can be minimized by prior planning and finding out the correct procedure and method of approval. By being knowledgeable in these areas it can be of great help to minimize delays that are caused due to pending approvals.

Conflicts with subcontractor schedules can be one of the most common causes of delay in construction work. Many contractors work hand in hand with subcontractors to complete projects. Unfortunately, the main contractor more often than not does not take into consideration the schedules of the subcontractor. As a result, conflicts arise in the two working schedules which can cause many delays in construction work. This error can be minimized by having a thorough understanding of the work schedule of the sub-contractor.  It is always helpful to be aware of any other construction job undertaken by the sub-contractor and the level of commitment they can give to the project. By taking these things into consideration delays caused due to conflict of schedules can be minimized.

Harsh weather is another factor that cannot be completely predicted. There can be a sudden change in weather that can put a halt on construction work. Though such delays cannot be controlled, it is always advisable for a contractor to be informed daily on weather conditions. Knowledge in that area can come in handy to avoid delays in construction work.

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