Choosing the Right Mining Boots

Depending on the trade or industry that you are working on, you have to choose safety shoes that are better equipped at handling particular hazards you will come across in your specific working conditions. If you are a welder, your safety boots will be different from what an electrician or a construction worker wears.

When choosing mining boots, you have to take into account being on your feet for long shifts so comfort and support are important properties to consider. You can’t compromise quality by selecting cheap miners’ boots as the cost-saving of a moment can lead to a lot of long term health issues. Your health and safety officer will have a good idea of the safety shoes best for your working environment.

Companies will usually issue boots that they deem safe for their workers taking into account all the hazards they are exposed to in the workplace. There are certain safety standards for mining boots that you should look for such as the quality of the leather, strength of the toecap, certification and quality of lining.

When sizing your mining boots, you have to try them on and see if there is sufficient space between the toe cap and the toes so you can wriggle your toes comfortably. But there shouldn’t be too much space contributing to a shoe that is too big or loose. This will have its own issues similar to a shoe that is too small. When the toe cap has sufficient space, your toes will not be under a lot of pressure.

You will feel comfortable wearing it and there will not be any excess fatigue at the end of the day. If you are working in conditions where there is a risk of falling objects, you have to choose a boot that has protection for the upper foot in the form of a metal insert. If the work area has a lot of sharp objects on the floor, you have to choose a boot with mid-sole protection so nothing penetrates the sole of the shoe.

The boots should be resistant to water and also any oils, chemicals or acids that are available on the work site. The mining industry has hazardous work environments so you have to go above and beyond when it comes to keeping yourself safe. This means choosing the right protective wear for your body. And as you will be standing on your toes for some time as well, you have to select heavy duty mining shoes. These should conform to the safety standards of the industry.

But make sure you try them on to get an idea of the comfort. You should be able to walk comfortably at the end of your shift with the right shoes. Consider the certification provided for the shoes when it comes to punctures, crushing forces, electrical shock etc. These certifications will be indicated in certain markings that you can find in the lining of the shoes. The boots have to be both water resistant and water proof. They should also come with slip resistance so that you have sufficient traction on slippery or wet surfaces.