Choosing the Right Anti-Aging Cream for Your Skin

Choosing the Right Anti-Aging Cream for Your Skin


There are many changes your skin will undergo as a result of age such as the loss the elasticity and a decrease in the production of collagen. Your skin will also be more susceptible to environmental damage. There are certain options available to minimise visible signs of ageing and in this article, we will look at how you can choose the right anti-ageing cream that suits your skin type.

You have to first understand your skin concerns.

For example, maybe you are more concerned with fine lines and wrinkles. Or you may be looking to improve elasticity and firmness of the skin. Anti-ageing products such as Arestaline8 can provide a solution to uneven skin tone, dull or dry skin. Once you have an idea of your primary skincare goals, you will be able to narrow down the options so that you can focus on the products that can address these concerns. You have to understand the ingredients in the anti-ageing creams first to assess its effectiveness and how your skin will react to it. Some of the common ingredients that you will find in these creams are hyaluronic acid, vitamin C.  Retinoids and niacinamide. Retinoids are very popular ingredients when it comes to anti-ageing benefits and they can help stimulate the production of collagen and promote cell turnover.

Hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid can attract moisture

And retain it in the skin so that you can achieve a plumping effect. Peptides can also help in the stimulation of collagen synthesis and improve skin elasticity. Vitamin C is used to brighten complexion and fade hyperpigmentation. Niacinamide is a powerful ingredient that can help strengthen your skin barrier and regulate oil production. You have to know your skin type when choosing an anti-ageing cream so that your specific needs are addressed. If you have dry skin, you need to look for a cream that is packed with emollients and humectants so that your skin can be hydrated. If you have oily or acne prone skin, you need to look for a lightweight formula that will not clog pores.

If you have combination skin,

A formula that balances your specific ageing concerns with hydration is the way to go. Then there are people with sensitive skin and you have to be very careful about what you put on your skin so that you can avoid irritation and inflammation. You can look for hypoallergenic formulas that are fragrance free so that the risk of irritation is reduced. You have to consider the formulation of the anti-ageing cream as well. There are creams, lotions, serums, gels and oil and there are benefits offered by each of these. You have to consider your lifestyle and preferences when choosing this. You also have to check the concentration of the active ingredients. While you can have significant results with higher concentrations, this is coupled with a high risk of irritation if you are new to this or if you have sensitive skin. So it is best to start with lower concentrations and lower frequency of use.