Benefits of Choosing a Jewellery Storage Service

Benefits of Choosing a Jewellery Storage Service

Jewellery has sentimental and monetary value attached to it. Also, jewellery can signify special occasions or events in your life. Your parents or a beloved family member or your partner may have gifted you with a piece of jewellery which will have an emotional connection. But it can be unsafe to keep your jewellery at home unless it is just a few wearable pieces. A secure option you can consider is a jewellery storage service.

The main reason that people choose to store jewllery in a storage facility is because of the high security they are able to provide. Some of the security features you can enjoy when you obtain these services are alarms, secure vaults, biometric access controls and 24/7 monitoring. It is very difficult to replicate this level of security at a residence. And it will cost you a lot to replicate the same security as well.

You will be saving money and also ensuring your valuables are safe when you choose a jewellery safe at a secure facility. Also, you will be able to benefit from the insurance coverage that is provided by the storage facility. But you need to make sure that the coverage is extensive enough to cover the full value of your jewellery. This ensures that you are able to recover the value even if there is a theft, loss or damage.

Another benefit of secure vaults

Is that you are able to store your jewellery in a climate controlled environment. If you live in a hot environment with high humidity, it can have a toll on the jewellery. But this will not be an issue when you have carefully controlled storage conditions. The facility will be able to control the levels of temperature and humidity in the safe so that your jewellery is not subjected to tarnishing, warping etc.

While you may not think this, it is actually more convenient to store your jewellery at a storage facility than at your home. Even if you have a home safe, it can be a constant worry in the back of your mind when you have jewellery at home. There is peace of mind when you don’t need to worry about thieves breaking into the home. You don’t need to go to the trouble of installing security measures at home.

And if you have a busy life, it can be a hassle to keep up with the monitoring

You will also be able to enjoy several other services from the storage facility such as mobile apps and inventory management so that you can track your valuables remotely. There will be trained professionals working at these storage facilities who have a good understanding of how to care for jewellery and how to store them properly.

They will put in measures to keep your jewellery protected from damage. Some facilities will also offer appraisal and cleaning services. If you have family heirlooms that carry a big sentimental value, you will be able to preserve it for future generations as well. And because the storage conditions ensure that dust, moisture and sunlight are prevented from reaching the jewellery, there will be a higher level of preservation involved.