Benefits of a Ticketless Parking Solution

Benefits of a Ticketless Parking Solution


Parking can be a frustrating aspect of modern life as parking availability is not something you can predict and the traditional ticket based systems can give rise to many issues. Some of the issues you will face in ticket based parking systems are misplaced tickets, longqueues, having to pay for misplaced tickets and experiencing frustrating delays. All of this can be avoided by ticketless parking solutions.

Ticketless parking solutions improve

The customer experiencebecause there is no need to keep track of a paper ticket. There are no physical barriers as well which can make it very easy to enter and exit the parking facilities quickly. This will lead to reduced waiting time and there will be less traffic at the entry and exit points so that you don’t have to worry about delays. There is great convenience with ticketless parking as you don’t need to worry about holding onto a paper ticket. It can be very frustrating when you lose the ticket as you will need to pay another fee on top of this. But with ticketless parking, the parking fee will be automatically calculated by the system depending on the time you have spent in the facility. This way, you don’t need to locate a pay station to take care of payment. This allows for frictionless parking transactions. Contactless transactions are possible with ticketless parking and this way, you don’t need to physically interact with the system to pay. This is a more hygienic way of paying as well especially after the pandemic.

The environmental impact of ticketless parking is

Low compared to the ticket based systems as paper waste is eliminated. There will be lower operations costs for the parking facility as well. This is because you don’t need to print tickets or maintain ticket dispensers. The labour required to validate tickets will notbe needed along with collecting payment. This will contribute to a smoother payment process. There is improved security in a ticketless parking solution as unauthorised entry is restricted by the access control systems. Ticketless parking uses license plate recognition technology so that only authorised vehicles can go in and out of the parking facility. The payment data will also be secured by encryption so that the financial information of the users are protected.

Ticketless parking allows parking facilities

To learn valuable information when it comes to traffic patterns, occupancy rates and revenue collection. This data collected can be used to optimise the pricing of the parking facility and this allows for better resource allocation as well. Parking management can greatly benefit from analysing this data. It is also easy to scale up or down a ticketless parking solution because you can easily add additional kiosks for payment, extra entry and exit lanes and expand the parking area. This is a very flexible system and it will accommodate the changing needs of the facility. Congestion at the entry and exit points will be reduced because of the streamlined process offered by ticketless parking and this will benefit the facility operators and the customers.