Adding Charm to Your House with Wall Décor

Adding Charm to Your House with Wall Décor


A house is made out of plain walls initially. It is up to you to make it ‘home’ by adding personal touches to it and creating a homely feeling inside those walls.

Personal touches are all about selecting the perfect paint colour which coordinates with your curtains and furniture. Select accessories you can place in your home that enhance the beauty of your space and detailing every bit of it, every corner.

Listed below, are a few ways you can use to make your house look more appealing.

Styling your home with ancient antiques

If you’re looking for a vintage look for your house, go ahead with rustic old antiques and hang them up on walls, keep them on standalone drawer tables and make efficient use of corners in the living area. Some prefer having that minimalistic and elegant look.

To achieve such a look, you have to cut down on all photo frames, extra detailing accessories, irregular colour schemes, and all that extra furniture and fittings.

Go forward with subtle wall paints, clear walls, and floors, fewer pieces of furniture. Once you have a more simplified version of your home, enjoy the minimalism!

Adding greenery

Greenery is a great way to add a touch of nature to your house, only makes it a fresher and a calmer ambiance. Adding your favourite tall potted plant, a bowl of grass in a corner of your hall only adds more interest in your rooms. For example, living room wall art can also be used in various ways to give a more polished look.

Using a statement piece of artwork creates a bold look, portraying your personality in a classy and elegant manner.

You can use the wall above your bed, usually known as headboard art, and decorate it with multiple photo frames placed in an aligned way with added wall letter decor which makes it a personal favourite. You can create a grid-like look with all your memorable pictures using this method.

You can also use themed wall art pieces that decorate empty areas with just one decorative theme which catches someone’s attention in a single glance.


If you’re looking for a more expensive look on a tight budget, get a hold of wallpapers with aesthetic and rich prints; match it up with curtains and furniture of the same colour scheme.

Wallpapers save you a lot of work. Adds instant winning looks with creative patterns and designs,

Adding shelves

If you run out of space for bookshelves, opt for floating shelves. These not only act as a great wall decoration but also are very efficient as it takes up lesser space and does the job. This is a great way to take your treasured collection on to the wall. Sculptures, books, ceramics, you name it. It’ll fit there.

If you take extra efforts in putting up things together and making your home more comfortable and appealing according to your taste, you’ll be happier where you live. It allows you to have a healthier lifestyle and enjoy your space and fill it with warmth and love, converting a house- into your home.

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