5 Tips for Travelling with Your Cat

5 Tips for Travelling with Your Cat


Many people love their feline pals and don’t want to make their travel plans without including them. For most families and individuals their furry and lovable cats are the heart of their home and a truly integral part of their life. Leaving them behind is unthinkable.

On the other hand, you do get many pets care and babysitting services that some others prefer to keep their pets in until they return home. If you are planning to travel with your favourite feline friend here are some tips to help you keep your cat safe and happy during your journey:

1.      Proper Preparation

When choosing a location on your trip make sure that it is a pet-friendly location. Especially if it is a hotel. Don’t make the mistake of assumption. Don’t assume your long-distance cousin, friend or villa guest house would accept your cat just because you are a guest. You never know if someone might be having a cat allergy or just don’t want a cat in their space. If they have pets find out if the pets are friendly. An aggressive animal environment will be traumatic to your poor pet. Ensure safety for your cat.

2.      Make Your Pet Fall in Love

No, it’s definitely not what you are thinking. You have to assist your cat in falling in love with their carrier! The carrier should have enough space for stretching, sleeping and moving around. You should buy a carrier a few weeks prior to the trip and get your cat used to it.

Opt to add in a sweatshirt as your scent could give them a sense of comfort in it. In addition, keep the carrier door open and feed your cat for a few days before you take off on your trip. You can shop online for a range of cat carriers and choose the one you feel is best suited for your furry friend.

3.      Curtail Harm

You can reduce the chance of injury your cat could face during the journey by knowing where to place the carrier. Keeping the carrier on the back of a pick-up truck and exposed to harsh elements can be extremely dangerous. Always keep your cat in the vehicle and close to you or family member that is joining you on the trip.

4.      Keep Space

Make sure that your bags do not take up all the room in your vehicle. There needs to be sufficient space for your cat’s carrier in order for the pet to travel with you comfortably.

5.      Complete the Process

Before stepping into the vehicle there is a process to get the cat in the carrier and out the door. Put a little food trail leading to the carrier for them to go in. If the cat is still reluctant to enter into the carrier, carry them and then carefully place them on the floor with the tail near the open door of the carrier and back your cat up into it. Make sure your carrier is secure, hold your cat gently but firmly, get into the car and enjoy the ride!

Follow these tips and make your travel journey less hectic and more fun for you and your cat!

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