Why Computer Labs Should Be Cloud-Based

Why Computer Labs Should Be Cloud-Based


There are numerous reasons why virtual computer labs should be cloud-based. Unfortunately, not all academics are aware of how crucial this is, especially in making sure that their students are engaged in their virtual learning.

To make sure the teaching is as effective as traditional methods, computer labs should be cloud-based because it is simple and efficient to maintain, the instructor has comprehensive supervision over the progress and development of the students,

Simple and easier maintenance

If and when computer labs became cloud-based, the maintenance and configuration became easier. In contrast to traditional computer labs, each student accesses a computer in a laboratory with a hardware that is configured and an operating system that is updated.

With all these computer units that need to be configured and updated, on-going and constant maintenance would not only be costly, it would also be time-consuming and complicated, especially if only one IT personnel would do the configuration for all the devices.

With cloud computing, the lab application that is to be used by the students must be uploaded in the cloud, cloned and the URL sent to each student to use their already configured application. Operating systems and the make and model of the computer is irrelevant since the program or application is saved on the cloud.

Comprehensive supervision

One of the many benefits of cloud-based computer lab for TAFES is that the instructor will provide comprehensive supervision for their students. With traditional labs, the instructor needs to visit the students’ devices one by one to check their development. Unlike with cloud-based labs, the instructor could see in real-time via thumbnail images the progress of each student per session without needing to walk over to the student’s terminal.


After class hours access to cloud-based computer labs is also allowed, making students who are behind their work to finish and learn when they have the extra time. No need for documentation, approval or travelling to the physical computer lab to do all this. Just by logging in to the cloud-based computer lab and the student could pick off where the instructor left off. This could also give the instructor the chance and or opportunity to give prep assignments or to communicate with their students even before the time of the class.


In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, cloud-based computer labs are also cost-effective because the programs are all web-based; hence there is no need to acquire software to be installed on your own device. Not only are you eliminating the cost for the software, you are also minimizing the expenditure for a server which would also require implementation, operational and maintenance expenses.

Cloud-based computer labs are not only used by institutions of learning. They are also used by other organizations because they have noticed the benefits and the ease of access and management of using these cloud-based computer labs. All it needs is a sturdy internet connection and all the members of an organization could fulfill their tasks and responsibilities even if they are across the globe.

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