When Should You Visit A Foot Doctor?

When Should You Visit A Foot Doctor?


Visiting a podiatrist is just like a visit to a regular doctor. Even though they are different from medical doctors by the title and the field of expertise; they start an appointment with the same procedure. It is by asking the patient for a brief of the issue, any medical histories, and if they are on any kind of medications currently. Furthermore, inquire if they have had injuries or surgeries in the past. 

Thus, soon after you brief, they will make you perform a few activities to examine and assess your current position. The activities included are, making you stand to see how you carry your body weight.

Besides that, a walk to understand how your leg’s pace and, make you do few joint movements. 

One is likely to cure some issues in the first visit itself. Where else, injuries that take time to heal have a long-term course to follow.

The cures that can be done in the first visit are as follows:

  • Cure bunions
  • Manage ingrown toenails
  • Treat heel pain
  • Provide medication for back pains
  • Help with foot deformities
  • Improve blood circulation

Thus, a podiatrist offers a range of solutions to help and treat a patient. Such as prescribed medicines, recommend orthotics, physical activities, and therapies, and do padding. While some infections and injuries can be cured at the doctor’s office, you might have to visit Sports Podiatry and Physiotherapy Centre for a long-term plan. 

When should you visit a podiatrist?

If you stop and think for a moment, your legs work the most, or equally, throughout the whole lifetime. However, we tend to neglect to take care of our feet.

One must visit the podiatrist for the following:

  • Toenail issues such as grown inwards, or discoloured.
  • Foot pain
  • Having skin problems such as damaged skin, cracks, and cuts.
  • Having warts
  • Heel pains
  • The skin peeling on your sole
  • Fractures 

What conditions do the podiatrists treat?

Below mentioned are the conditions a podiatrist would treat.

  • Sprains and broken bones- These common ankle sprains and fractures are treated by a podiatrist. Moreover, you are likely to find a podiatrist in a sports station, to instantly treat the athletes.
  • Hammertoes and Bunions- These are injuries occurring in the bones of your feet. A bunion is when the joint moves out of proportion or gets bigger. Thus, a hammertoe is when it does not bend correctly. 
  • Nail problems- One can face a nail disorder, which is a common issue. The nail problems such as fungus and ingrown nails cause infections. Thus, it is necessary to treat at the right time, before it is too late and you would have to cut the toe finger.
  • Arthritis- Did you know? Each foot has 33 joints. The bones joints wear or tear away, thus, causing regular pain. To cure this, the doctors suggest physical therapies, medical drugs, and, special footwear that support the movement. However, if there is no improvement through these methods, then, the doctor advises doing surgery to cure it.

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