What Type of Tyres Should I Pick?

What Type of Tyres Should I Pick?


One of the most common issues encountered when tyre shopping is matching your vehicle and goal to the tyres available. The best way to shop for tyres is to first match them to the type of vehicle you own. After this try next step would be to match them to your goals or driving needs.

Below are some common vehicle types and the type of tyres that should be matched according to your needs.

Passenger Vehicles

These types of vehicles include the likes of sedans and minivans. The type of tyres for passenger vehicles are the ones that provide a smooth and reliable ride with traction that is good enough for any type of season.

All Season Tyres: This is the perfect highway tyre with smooth handling and also has reliable traction for all seasons. The tyre will have groves towards the edge for wet weather conditions couples with a proportioned tread pattern. Places like PSI wheelsandtyres has a range of all-season tyres.

Touring Tyres: Also known as Grand touring tyres these are quite similar to all season tyres but have better responsive handling. While All season tyres have a symmetrical pattern, touring tyres have an asymmetrical pattern. If you are focused on performance, a touring tyre should be one of your choices. Most luxury sedans will also sport this type of tyres.

Performance Tyres: The difference between performance tyres and touring tyres is the speed rating. They have lateral grooves and are generally denser than Touring tyres.

Summer Tyres: These tyres do not have traction to match all type of seasons. They are made for warmer climates but can handle wet or dry conditions well. If you own an ordinary sedan, chances are you do not need summer tyres. These are ideal for performance cars in warmer climates.

Competition: A pair of track tyres is the pinnacle of performance. This is not suitable for daily driving.

SUVs and Trucks

Tyres for SUVs and Trucks are split according to the way the vehicle is used.

Highway Tyres: Highway tyres feature thread patterns that support all-season traction. They are ideal for the heavy loads. You’ll find siping in most highway tyres for SUVs and Trucks.

All-Terrain Tyres: A/T tyres as they are commonly known are for the more aggressive driver. The tread patterns are quite large and are shaped like a block. These are ideal for off-road situations and can easily handle sand, gravel and even light muddy situations.

Ribbed: These are for trucks and SUVs that travel long distances on highways. They are made to last long and feature a solid rib tread pattern that increases stability.

Specialty Tyres

The most famous specialty tyre is the winter tyre and is mostly used by the driver that experience harsh winter conditions.

These are just a few types of tyres that are commonly used. There are many more and it is always recommended that you consult a professional and decide which tyre best suits your vehicle and driving need.

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