What A Physiotherapist Could Do for You

What A Physiotherapist Could Do for You


You might not know it but you might be in dire need of the services of a physiotherapist. People often correlate physiotherapy with sports related injuries or scoliosis but in reality, physiotherapists could provide more services and could treat not only other injuries but also disorders and diseases. Physical problems and difficulties brought about by aging could also be treated by a physiotherapist.

If you are suffering from something but have no idea which health professional to reach, read below on the services a physiotherapist could provide you.

Musculoskeletal therapy

This is perhaps the most popular way a physiotherapist could help their patients. People with back pain or scoliosis, arthritis, sprains, posture problems and athletes or those who lead an active lifestyle and are often suffering from sports injuries seek the help of a physiotherapist.

Workplace related injuries such as muscle strains or repetitive strain injuries and rehabilitation after surgery, an injury or accident also falls in this type of therapy. People with reduced mobility because of age, physical inability, intellectual frailty and other causes of disability are also assisted by a physiotherapist. If you are suffering from any orthopaedic injuries and are looking for physiotherapy clinics Geelong has physiotherapists specializing in musculoskeletal therapy.

Neurological therapy

From how it is called, this type of therapy deals with conditions and issues related to the nervous system. Patients who suffered from a stroke or is debilitated by Parkinson’s disease, and or Sciatica also benefitted from neurological therapy to help them regain mobility.

People at risk from developing diseases that affect the neurological or neuromuscular systems also underwent neurological therapy to avoid the diseases from progressing. Other advantages of this type of therapy include improved balance, motor control and hand to eye coordination, increased sensation, rebuilding neural pathways, etc.

Paediatric therapy

To aid the development and growth of a child, some parents bring their kids to paediatric therapy. If you have a child but still undecided about the benefits of paediatric physiotherapy, the advantages include developing endurance and balance, recovery from head trauma (which is normal occurrences to kids especially active ones who keep on slipping or bumping their heads), improving their motor skills and even handling congenital and genetic defects.

Female health therapy

Pre-natal and post-natal care should also include a visit to a physiotherapist. Women having difficulties getting pregnant could also benefit from therapy because female centric physiotherapy deals with the functions and solutions for issues about the female reproductive system. Other benefits also include pain relief from pregnancy concerns, kegel exercises for more controlled childbirth, regulating urinary functions and strengthening core.

Geriatric therapy

All of us are worried about getting old. Going to physiotherapy for geriatric therapy should also be a major concern to avoid the likelihood of injuries in old age. Undergoing Geriatric therapy would improve bad posture, health and fitness and restore strength, endurance and mobility.

With these various fields of physiotherapy, it’s easy for us to see where we could benefit from this. It’s the field of medicine that we could receive instant relief from pain and injury and better limb function.

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