Ways How Barbershops Keep Themselves and Their Clients Safe During Pandemic

Ways How Barbershops Keep Themselves and Their Clients Safe During Pandemic


One of the industries that was most hit when the pandemic struck were the hairdressing shops and the barber shops. Many were forced to cease operations which caused them to go shift careers temporarily. Some made ways and built their own small neighbourhood barbershop; some even went to the extent of offering home service haircut to patrons and clients.

But now that somehow in some ways they are now allowed to open they are now well prepared more than ever in terms of keeping themselves safe from the virus. Here are some of ways they keep safe during the Covid19 pandemic.


They use protective equipment that includes the face masks and face shields. Some even use aprons and gloves to limit the contact they have with other clients. These PPEs are their first line of defence against contracting the virus. One thing that makes their trade pretty much dangerous during these times is that they are catering clients from all over the place, from all walks of life, varied people with varied connections and contacts.


Using the alcohol is out of the question, everybody must do it and must adhere to it regardless of their opinions or stance. Most shops require their clients and their employees to use and put some generous amount of alcohol before entering the shop, another application before starting to serve a client, and another afterwards. The customer will also have to use the alcohol after being served or before exiting the premises, that way they will also be sure that they people they meet on the way out will somehow be safe to some extent.

Clean Tools

Shops are also cleaning their tools more frequently more than ever. They even use different sets of scissors and even different sets of cut throat razor after each service. But nevertheless, the clean these tools after a number of sessions. The idea being is that their tools have one of the surfaces that has more contact with a person thus in eliminating the probability of spreading any bacteria or virus from or towards the client.

Thermal Scanners

These scanners play a vital role in eliminating and filtering the people who will be trying to enter the shop. Those who will be recorded with above the normal level of temperature will not be allowed to enter and will also be reported it necessary for further assistance. Though it is of great help, shop owners will also be obliged to check the accuracy of their scanners and constantly checking it for battery level, since low battery level causes these scanners to give a false normal thermal reading.

Use Disposable Stuff

Many barbershops today use disposable stuff around their operations just to maintain some sense of safety while at work. So, they usually use tissues, and disposable gloves that they change after each client. They also use disposable hair blankets that will be discarded after certain number of clients.

The idea behind the resiliency of these barber shops is that it is not a bad thing to try to find ways to live and earn in times of pandemic but everyone just has to make sure that they are keeping everyone safe in doing so.

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