Uses and Types of Cargo Barriers

While dog car barriers restrain your pet dog into a certain space in the car, cargo barriers keep your bags and luggage at the back of the vehicle. These barriers are typically made of hard and durable material to withstand the weight especially when you’re carrying heavy and bulky items.

Some people think that these barriers aren’t that important at all. However, if you have a big vehicle and travel frequently with lots of luggage, you’ll definitely find this car accessory really helpful and useful. Here are the uses of cargo barriers and the different types you could choose from.

Keeps the Passengers and the Cargo Safe

Just like pet car barriers, a cargo barrier keeps the passengers safe as well as the luggage itself. Accidents can happen at any time on the road. In case of a crash, the cargo could be thrown out into the front of the vehicle where the passengers are.

That single factor poses a huge risk to the passengers ‘safety especially when you have bulky items in your vehicle. With a barrier, you can be sure that all the cargo will stay at the back and won’t fly out into the front in case an accident happens. Safety is one of the main purposes of these barriers, making them an important add-on to your vehicle.


There are 3 main types of cargo barriers you could choose from.

Universal Barriers

As the name suggests, it is universal and could fit in almost any type of vehicle. These barricades are versatile and are easy to install plus most of them are really affordable, making them a popular choice. They do well in keeping your cargo safe at the back of the vehicle. However, because of their universal size and shape, they might not be a good fit for some vehicles.

Custom Fit

Unlike the universal ones, custom fit barriers have better fit but are pricier as well. It is tailored to fit your vehicle; you can be sure that it is a perfect fit for your vehicle. You could also customize it to suit the common types of cargo you have to improve its functionality. Although they are more expensive than universal barriers, you could still find one that suits your budget best.


This type of barrier is named depending on the specific features it has. There are plenty of options to choose from such as full mesh barriers, full polycarbonate barriers, vapor resistant barriers, and many more. Each of them has special features that you couldn’t get with regular barriers. If you need something specific other than a simple barrier to keep your cargo safe, you might want to consider looking for miscellaneous ones and find one that suits your needs perfectly.

Cargo barriers are really useful in your travels, making them a perfect add-on to any vehicle you have. Look for the nearest installer now and get one to be installed in your vehicle to increase your safety during your travels.

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